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Originally Posted by Tsujigiri View Post

Have any of you guys had to send in your CAL's for repairs? And if so, how did they deal with them? Creative is one of only two companies that I've decided not to buy from because of their horrendous customer service. They won't even talk to you on the phone if you're out of their warranty period. But that was a few years ago; I don't know if they've improved since then.

Fostex might repair them. They make the CAL for creative and also have their own customisable colour version(though I can only find a japanese website for those).

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How are they unamped? How are they for rap/hiphop? How is the clarity? How are the vocals? How is the instrument separation? Also do they fit completely around my ears? (I have small ears).

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Originally Posted by dakanao View Post

How are they unamped? How are they for rap/hiphop? How is the clarity? How are the vocals? How is the instrument separation? Also do they fit completely around my ears? (I have small ears).

My pair arrived yesterday.
1) Unamped they sound good.
2) Decent enough extension on the Beastie Boys 'Hey Ladies'
3) Clarity good but they are burning in
4) Separation good but not as good as the SuperLux 668b's.
5) Vocals ok with Adele but need more time to compare
6) Yes. ideal for you, they have smallish over the ear cups that would fit over smaller ears well. For me they are slightly on the ear.
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Originally Posted by marone View Post

5) Vocals ok with Adele but need more time to compare

How are they now with vocals? and yes, with adele. thanks

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I'd also like to know how the vocals on it are

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Vocals are great on this headphone. However, I do feel that the vocals do take a small (very minute) step back in the presentation. Coming from cans such as the ones on my sig, (read: RE0/R-50/SR80i)  it can become rather obvious,


However, it does not mean that they cant reproduce vocals well though. Very capable cans they are. I got them for SGD59 used. They have been getting the bulk of my head time ever since. :)

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I have ATH ES700's recabled and with ESW9 pads and I still go back to my Cals regularily.

I've bought a few pairs for people as presents too and all well accepted.

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Originally Posted by xela3 View Post

I'd also like to know how the vocals on it are

Sorry, missed your comments.

I will switch to the CAL and listen to Adele again, get back to you...

..;.iTunes live Soho sounds good. Not great, not jaw dropping. Just...good. Bass, contralto notes sound good. Lots of detail to her voice.
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Love them. The bass is good on these, deep. The clarity is Ok. Sound stage decent for closed phones. Very lively! Closed but still leak sound. Built is somewhat average. 

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Originally Posted by ZorgDK View Post

Got the CAL's today. Very yummi sound! They're smaller that I would have liked, but that's ok, they fit my ears fine, they're very comfortable and light. Very good isolation too, that's a big plus. I like the ear pads, nice soft material. The build quality seems good, except for the flimsy cable, they look slick and shiny.


The sound is clear, and the highs are nice and crispy. Very nice actually. Maybe the mid range could be a bit more forward, and the bass could be more powerful, but it's fine as it is. Kate Bush sounds sweet on them, what I'm noticing is that the cymbals and vocals sound very sweet. Right now I'm using them out of the Anedio D1, and the pairing is sublime. These will replace my Panasonic HTF600 as my portable phone, but I'll use them equally much at home too I think. The Pana's have a little bigger sound (and darker tuning), probably due to their 50mm drivers, but these CAL's have overall better sound quality. They should too, they're more than twice the price.  


On to listen to some more tracks... smily_headphones1.gif




ZorgDK, how do you compare the sound, and ear space and depth to the HTF600? I really liked the sound of the HTF600, but I returned them because the cups were too shallow. I don't want to order the CAL if there is not more ear space. Thanks.

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To whoever wears glasses with the CAL, does the clamping pressure cause a problem, where it goes over the glasses frame? I don't want to order them if this may be a problem.


Is the soundstage large enough to enjoy movies with the CAL?



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I never had problems with cal's clamping force. My glasses are very low profile though... I've had dozens of headphones and superlux hd330 and martin logan mikros90 have been only headphones I had problems with. With mikros90 it helps to put the headphones on first and glasses after. With hd330 nothing helps, except for pad transplant.

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So I got them today. I like their sound a lot, only wish that the mids would be a little more forward, because they seem a bit recessed for my taste. Oh, and that the treble would be a bit smoother, because sometimes it's a little too splashy.

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I have an old pair of Denon ah-d1001, the original CAL! I have them for about 6 years and they still sound great if not better than when first bought. Anyway the headband keeps breaking on me, I've repaired/replaced it twice and I wan't to get them running again. Does anyone know if the denon driver will 'fit' into the cups on the CAL's because I want to use the same drivers as i think they have improved over time. Another option would be to take the whole denon driver and cups and place that into the headband of the CAL's. Anyone have any idea if that would work?


Also, if I can't manage to sort that out I'm also looking at a pair of old skoll Sony Mdr-7506's or V6, old well established highly rated units. Anyone have an opinion on how they compare to the CAL's. They look much better constructed with a similar sound signature me thinks? Anyone know ?

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