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 I again agree with Insyte that while the HD-25 are great phones, they can't touch the 580 or 600 for soundstaging. The HD-25 put vocals dead center a bit high in the soundstage - a little bit of a disappointment. I'm not getting any sense of depth. I'm also finding they are a bit more clinical that the lusher HD589 and 600, but in a way some might appreciate. I actually think the 580 and 600 are more forgiving because of their extra soundstage and depth. I can hear the lack of musically between MP3 and AIFF files much easier with the HD25, if they are meant to be dead-on monitors, they certainly are that. They are more monitor than a relaxing lush presentation. But that isnt demeaning them, because I think they are an excellent can that pulls off being closed-back with aplomb. They're pretty damn nice for a SMALL closed can. They are analytic at the same as being pleasant to listening to: VERY well balanced and the bass is excellent. I found the velour pads to improve them, taking a bit of the impact off the bass, which I previously thought a little too strong. But with the velour pads on, it's perfect. All in all and excellent can and I would like to thank Insyte for his thoughtful appraisal of these cans. How should I sum this up? If you're looking for the end-all home listening can - the HD25 are not the answer. You'll get more subtlety from the bigger Senns, more refinement. But if you're looking for portable cans that will travel well and provide isolation, I think its going to be hard to beat the HD25-1.

This is spot on, some songs sound like crap on em, and some made me smileL3000.gif

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I got mine almost a year ago and have loved every minute with them.  Strong, punchy bass with clear mids and highs. Balanced and not overpowered in any range. The soundstage is a bit lacking but that's to be expected.  They're also very light and durable. But I have a larger head and the clamping force took a bit to sort out; they're very tight and took a few weeks to break in.

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i think this is my next headphone to try

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Great review, I will audition them more closely this time

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How 25-II plays Metal? Any problem?
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Originally Posted by NuClear235 View Post

How 25-II plays Metal? Any problem?

On a bright powerful source very good.

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Still love mine after a year,

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How big is the headphone jack on these headphones?  I am concerned about it fitting through the hole on my iPhone case.





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Edit: double post.

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If the headphone jack is too large, can it be replaced with a different cable that delivers the same (or better) sound?
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Check out the Oyaide hpc-hd25 cable if you want a nice very high quality replacement with a smaller jack housing :)

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After a year, still the best headphones I've ever had. Holy hell.

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