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Originally Posted by yhong26 View Post

can consider if the sound still not satisfied your ears~ can's change the sound signature,but hope can improve the sound qualities~


people said the copper cable will more suit for HD25~


now trying the DIY copper cable.


other choice is HD650 stock cable, this is OFC cable~


Still, does anyone think that it'd be a waste to silver-mod these cans? That'd probably have to include the thin wires running in between the cups, right?


Then again, silver might be a bit overkill for "portable" cans, though I'm curious as to how they may sound afterwards. Has anyone on this thread actually tried replacing their stock cables with that material? I'd heard that silver allows for a lot more detail and clarity than even OFC (most impressions formed from reading Bilavideo's SR-60 Mod thread).

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Thanks a lot insyte for the review

And this thread is very helpful talking about how to improve sound quality.

I order a pair from a head-fi member.

Will come back later to read more when my headphones arrive.

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Now I also curious that silver pair with hd25~ but I think will be too bright~ mayb can try copper coat with silver~ no time n money to try ~ haha wink.gif
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As a new owner of these headphones I don't know if I can add anything that hasn't been said. I've owned some decent cans, but these were bought as my 'mobile' set.


The sound is fantastic for a pair of headphones so small. Neutral, clean, excellent isolation. Rather than create a huge review I'll just say these sound great for what they are.

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I have some Amperiors, and I really like 'em...

I'm thinking of getting this cable from Oyaide in the future to squeeze a bit more out of them.
Since the Amperior cable housing is a bit different from the HD25 1_II I'll have to order this from Sennheiser Europe, but with both of these I should be all set! It will probably take a month, but I really like/use the HD25 so often it'll be worth the wait/process.

The HD25 really is a great can for being out and about with limited bag space!

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I have had my first problem with these cans after some 6 years or more of fairly constant use and being banged around clubs and public transport.



One ear has become rather dull all of a sudden. I suspect a driver/connection problem, but I'm not 100% sure. Can anyone comment on this? It's like

one ear is muffled.


Thank you in advance.

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I am seriously between these and the AKG 550.


What would be the absolute cheapest brand new price of the HD 25 Adidas (Only the Adidas, i love the color scheme)  in the US? 

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Or if i can get some cheap HD 25 II and put on the blue pads...

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Got this from the deal 2 weeks ago.


Have to say they sound amazing for the money spent. Bass feels just right. Not overwhelming!

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So what would be a good cable to get with these? I'm gonna buy some after i get my Audio Technica ATH M50's for portable use, and am curious whether they need a amp, and if getting a different cable is worth it.

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I realize this is very late. But this was absolutely excellent as a review. Very detailed. Thank you!

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Great Review!, I regret having sold mine. :(

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Need advice urgently - made this account just to ask this.


Ordering headphones TONIGHT so need replies


Do I get:

Audio Technica ATH-M50s

V-Moda Crossfade LP2s

V-Moda Crossfade M80s

AKG K550s

Sennheiser HD25-1 IIs


I listen to many genres of music, but primarily Jazz and Electronic stuff.

I appreciate good, clear punchy bass which doesn't bleed, but also need a well-rounded and precise sound to accommodate for Classical music and other genres which call for this.


Thanks in advance.

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Originally Posted by NakedLunch888 View Post

My 2cents... Is the AKG550 550 or M80s.

The 550s arnt that portable though... So a lot depends on how you want to listen to your music. Best advice is SLOW DOWN take some time and do a bit more research. All those 'phones are good for different reasons. see if you can demo some at a store or a meet.
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primarily Jazz and Electronic stuff

HD25 will be very good.

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