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my vista64 rig did about the same as your if not worse starting with occasional BSOD reboots which graduated to non booting with BSOD crash.

1.thought it was the HDD - replaced with another to tryout & samething.
2.pull out ram & reinstalled with memtest - rams fine.
3.pull & reinstall all cards - same crap.

finally found out that it was the mobo causing intermittent issues cos the guy to who it together in the 1st place did a lousy job. he used uneven mobo back screws plus the middle row screws wasnt installed at all causing a slight bend in the mobo which lead intermitent BSODs & finally total failure. btw mobo worked fine out of the case caused it wasnt bent but had the craps when installed back in case.

put in a new gigabyte mobo the things solid as a rock. & to think i blamed a lot of in on vista64! mang sometimes i do think MS & vista gets the raw end just cos.......
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reboot issues in the middle of summer always make me think heat. Try taking your case cover off and running it nekkid for a few days and see if anything changes.
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Check the capacitors on the motherboard. They should be flat topped. If they are budged and leaking, this could explain many of your issues.

Heat could also be an problem. When was the last time you used canned air or a vacuum cleaner inside the chassis? Also, are you an indoor smoker?

Can you post all of the system specifications?

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