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Best EQ setting on the ipod

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Hey guys i was just wondering if you guys had a favorite EQ setting on the ipod that is a good all around sound.
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I vote "Jazz."

Now watch some smartass say that the "Flat" EQ is their favorite.
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I usually have it off as it drains my battery, but from time to time I'll use either the treble booster or bass reducer as those help make my bassier equipment sound better.
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I have bass reducer because the K81/K518 is just crazy. And no, I can't be bothered to blue-tack mod it... this way works fine for me.
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I found the stock EQ clipped really badly when I adjusted it, but the 5 band one through rockbox is much better. I usually use it to boost the 20-40Hz frequencies to accentuate bass/drum lines and reduce a wide range of the treble slightly to turn down the harshness of the highs on my ER4Ps.
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Since I don't want to be a smartass, I'll say treble booster. I only do that once in a blue moon though when I listen to a rock song that really needs it. My battery only lasts a good 3 hours (I've been meaning to replace it ever since I've gotten it), so EQ would worsen it.
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I think Acoustic is pretty good, but now being a smartass haha I just listen flat!!!
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I leave it flat on my phone - it doesn't really seem to work as well as the one built in to itunes.
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oh please... itunes is the worst player out there!

VLC for the win!
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i vote for off... since i have a lot of mix songs which requires different EQing, so i just left it off...
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I agree with the comments that "off" or "flat" is the best. But if you're going to use one of the settings, rock and R&B are the only ones I can stand. I don't know who designed the iPod EQ but whatever they were paid was too much. Ironically, the iPod's onboard EQ is not equal to the EQ that comes with iTunes. The latter is not the world's greatest EQ either, but at least with it, I can manually set it and get some interesting effects.
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off... if you dont want to listen to crap. all eq settings of the ipod clip except for the reducer settings
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