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We have a pretty sweet imod package for sale.

ALO Complete iMod Portable Vcap Package, includes everything you need to use the iMod with the P-Vcap dock. Comes with;

One 5.5G 80GB modified ipod
Portable Vcap Dock for iMod
One Nuforce® Icon Mobile™ headphone amplifier and DAC
One ALO SXC Cryo micro mini to mini
One ALO SXC Cryo micro ipod to mini cable.

The iMod P-vcap dock also doubles for a pretty nice home source as the P-Vcap has RCA outs on it as well as the mini out.

The new thinner ALO SXC Cryo Micro cables also double for a normal ipod line out dock, of course the mini to mini is handy to have around. These cables are light, super flexible with zero strain and sound fantastic.

The Nuforce amp also doubles for a DAC.

I will sell a few of these until I start to run low again on iMods. This is a really versatile portable rig.