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I will be getting the set that requires the PCB to be assembled so if anyone has any ideas for upgrades I could incorporate from the beginning I would appreciate your input. Thanks
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Sadly I have had to pack the TU882R amp so I can send it to Rob. This has been a very enjoyable experience and the most telling part is how good the amp sound specially the price for which it is sold.

I firmly believe that it should be easy to build a great sounding amp if it sells for over $2,000. By the same token it should be hard to build a great sounding amp for under $400 and thus why I am so impressed w/ this unit.

Skylab, I would love to build one and based on the instructions it should not be a very hard undertaking. However, I have very little free time. For example I have had a Graham Slee Novo Kit for about 3 months and I have not built it yet.

I hope you (Skylab) posts on your impressions w/ high impedance cans since I do not own any. Plus it will be good to read your impressions with the low impedance cans.

Victor, I had a great idea! Sure it is great because not only is mine but I could benefit from it! Yes I am shameless, anyways here it goes ... any chance you could send me an un-built kit and I build it w/ pictures! The idea of course is to help the novices out there! Sure it is.
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Thanks for the review, Miguel. I've been looking at this amp with curiosity. I just bought an X-Can v8, but I still may bite on this one.
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Originally Posted by Solitary1 View Post
Thanks for the review, Miguel. I've been looking at this amp with curiosity. I just bought an X-Can v8, but I still may bite on this one.
If you do you will be very happy, it is a very nice sounding unit (IMO of course).
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I posted my review here: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f5/rev...embled-434829/

I think Miguel pretty much nailed it in his review - very nice little amp.
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so do i understand this right? the hd650 is made to sound good out of the low impedance output? so what is the high impedance switch for?
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the impedance switch is connected to the output transformer; for low connect to output transformer 0~6/ohm; for mid connect to 0~32/ohm; for high connect to 0~600/ohm

Connection suggestion:
Impedance switch is excusively used for the Front Standard Headphone Jack.
Headphone impedance

4~20Ω LOW

20~100Ω MID

100~1KΩ HIGH
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Originally Posted by vkung View Post
As the said headphone, Senn HD650, seems to convey the power very effectively, it no longer has to be connected to high impedance. Connect it to low impedance and get the best sound out of it. Low distortion and high damping.
This is where I got confused
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Do not worry about where you plug the headphone, use the 1/4" plug and listen while changing the position. Leave in the one YOU like best.
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Thank you for your explanation
Trust your ear.. pick the impedance setting you like the most..
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OMG Curbfeeler (Stan) being rude? After reading the thread? Too funny. I will see him next week and tease him. He is a really good Head-Fier, a little lippy but it is all good.
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Nice review, Miguel. Funny to have looked for a review of this and to find that you wrote it (fellow Mapletree fan). I have a small stash of 5670W tubes and have been thinking of a little amp to try them.
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Thanks guys.

Voodoochile have you looked into the new Mapletree celebrating the 250 units sold. It sure looks cool (sorry for the derail).
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Bought TU-882AS Today

After reading this thread, it came down to the AudioTailor Jade and the Elekit TU882AS. I liked the fact that the AT Jade has two headphone jacks to listen to. I like that it is more transparent. The Elekit, on the other hand, seems to counter with more tube magic.

Being new to head-fi.org, a little background is in order.

I have been a traditional two channel guy for almost 10 years and not a head phone guy. However, I find that I don't have as many chances to listen as I'd like. Therefore, I am in the process of selling my two channel system and getting a decent head phone rig.

Headphones I have to date are: Shure EC2 (essential for plane travel), Grado SR 60s (my first real head phones) and AKG 701s.

I will use the TU882AS with the following system.

Source: Logitech Duet ripped to FLAC
DAC: Electrocompaniet ECD-1 (left over from two channel system)
Digital Cable: Stereovox
Analog ICs: Signal Cable Silver Resolution

Getting the AKG 701 convinced me a head phone set up could satisfy my audio cravings and allow me to do it more often.

Thanks to every one on this thread and esp Skylab for doing some very good reviewing and comparing. More than the rankings, it's the comparisons (neutral, euphonic) etc that really help.
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Glad you are enjoying it!
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