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Smallest Amps

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Edited from a long, drawn out question about placement of input/headphone out to this:

What are some of the smallest amps currently on the market?

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fiio e5
same size as the ipod shuffle

oops! thanks ClieOS for pointing out the mistake!
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Originally Posted by Ronald Lee View Post
fiio e7
same size as the ipod shuffle
You mean E5. E7 hasn't hit the market yet.

For the OP:
Dr. Xin's SuperMicro-IV, FiiO E5, iBasso T4, and perhaps the upcoming Pico slim and RSA shadow.
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Fiio E5 being the cheapest one in production, and maybe the Ray Sammuel Audio P51 Mustang being on the other end of the spectrum. There's also Xin Amps, however he's been known to be a very unreliable character.

If you can wait, Pico Slim and RSA Shadow look to be highly promising.
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RSA shadow? look nice and promising...too bad, when will it be release...
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pico slim is suppose to be sometime this summer and I would not expect something very distant from that for the shadow as well.
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Shadow or Slim...any clues as to what price range these things will be in?
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no idea about the price range.
the RSA shadow look promising! need to save up now then.
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For the pico I would expect it to be in the same range as the original judging up the shadow it may be a bit less then a p-51 or 71a was but I am certain that it won't be a bang for the buck type deal. I would not be surprised if the shadow was marketed around the same price as the tomahawk was. Again purely speculation as absolutely no details have been release yet.
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Don't forget the Boostaroo.
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Aah, the Boostaroo... It shouldn't even be marketed as an "audiophile headphone amplifier" LOL
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iBasso T4 is only slightly larger than the Sansa Clip and better sounding than the FiiO5.
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MiniBox D
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RSA P-51 Mustang!
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The Tomahawk should not be overlooked I think.
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