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Bulging vein/artery in thigh after strength training, normal?

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The long vein/artery in my left inside thigh bulges out a bit, particularly when I stand. There's also a pimple-sized bump near the end also. I have decently tone legs, and only seem to notice it after doing strength training. I have no idea if it's always been there and I just didn't notice (been strength training for awhile), but it's freaking me out a bit. Here's an artist's rendering:

It's only on my left leg, and the flesh around the vein appears more muscular/hard than on my right leg. There's no pain or anything. I do plan on seeing a doctor, but I don't want to waste his time, so any words would help a lot.
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You're going to die!

Seriously, though, I don't think it's anything to worry about. After I work out, I sometimes notice a bulging vein on the side of my forehead. Strenuous exercise increases blood flow which can make veins bigger. Even Madonna suffers from this as this article illustrates.

Why do Madonna's hands look older than her face? | Mail Online
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If I am not mistaken, the pimple size bump is probably a valve inside the vein to prevent any backflow.
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I'm incredibly paranoid. I saw it the day after a workout. I talked to my brother (much more muscular upper-body wise) and when he flexed his arms, the veins look liked my leg, though the vein in the latter is wider. When I stand, my leg muscles seem to tighten up and causes it to bulge, once I sit and relax it's hardly noticeable. I'm just scared I blew something or other, although as I mentioned there is no real pain.
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I think it's normal, but I'm no doctor!

When I used to weight lift I would notice an increase in the size and prominence of my veins particularly in my arms.

Sweet drawing by the way..
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As your muscles tone and bulk up, the superficial veins must go somewhere.
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Veins will enlarge with strength training to increase blood flow. However, they should not rise up too much or discolor or create large lumps. It "might" be an indication of a potentially greater problem. When in doubt, have a doctor check it out.
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They don't seem discolored, and they only bulge when I stand or tense my leg. (I seem to have very little extraneous fat near my knees) It's only noticeable because the vein is located on the "outline" of my body when viewed from the top/front. But yeah, I do want to go see a doc. I may wait until my leg recovers from the workout first, really depends how paranoid I get.
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Hi Kirosia,


I've discovered, I've got exactly the same thing and not only after working out.


What happened? Are you still alive? Did they have to saw your leg off?


I've got a strong vested interest in finding out!

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It could be a varicose vein
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Thanks Jonny.


It's a difficult thing to explain which is probably why Kirosia felt the need to draw a picture but it's definitely not a varicose vein. It's more like a varicose artery.


I had a conversation with an online doctor last night. Well, by 'conversation' I mean he gave a one-line response:


"Vascular Surgeon. I think you need to go and say hello to one."


I avoid doctors like the plague but an exception might have to be made in this case.

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It's probably a varicose vein, or an incompetent valve (the lump) on that vein (which will most likely eventually lead to a varicose vein).


It's not going to be an artery. You don't have any arteries there on your leg. 


To be honest, if it's not causing you any problems, i.e. pain, then no vascular surgeon will go anywhere near that. At least not here in the UK. 



The most likely reason why it bulges when you flex your leg muscles is that they compress a perforating vein which helps to drain it --> blood builds up --> bulges. These perforating veins are normal and help to drain blood from the superficial to deep venous systems. 

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Thanks Spakka.


I had come to the conclusion that I'd wait and see if it gets any worse.


One plus point is that it's not so serious that it affects circulation. I used to race in cycling at quite a high level and still train regularly. But I can easily maintain a fast pace for several miles without breathing through my mouth, so I'm aware that my circulation's in pretty good shape.


It's not painful to touch at the time, but prodding it leaves a dull unpleasant feeling for several hours afterwards.


Anyway, whilst not impressed by the possibility of carrying "incompetent" bodily components, I am happy to receive any advice that says forget about it, it's normal.

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