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Does anybody have any tips for re-soldering armstures? Is there anything you need to do to re-prep the pads??

Just make sure they are clean using alcohol.  Some people use flux, but I have not been lately and havnt killed a driver in a while.  I just make sure the wire in tinned thouroughly and that the solder tip is clean and has a coating of solder on it.  Go easy on the solder though, you really shouldnt have to use extra.   Go quick!

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Has anyone out there tried a Dental hand-held curing wand for curing fotoplast?  There are quite a few on Ebay and I was thinking about grabbing one for small shell fixes, Laquer, etc.  Most don't have good descriptions and I know the light needs to be around 365-395nm.  It looks like most of the units that Dentists use are higher, like 450+.  


If anyone has any experience with these, I would sure appreciate it.



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Also, what is the difference between Fotoplast S/IO and S/Hard?  I have been using S/IO but it is out of stock and S/Hard is available...


Thanks again

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