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Hi, i have read around 230 pages of this thread or so. I have all of the components and supplies to make my own CIEMs. I have taken my impressions and Im not sure exactly how to trim them before making the molds to pour the acrylic in. If someone could explain exactly what I should trim off/keep or has a link to a thread that explains it well that would be great. Thank so much!

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Hey @Skold !


As a general rule, follow the natural contours of the impression and trim it so the base is parallel to your ear!


Out of curiosity, what parts did you collect for your build?

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Hi, I am in dental school, so i have all of the necessary lab equipment to make and process these acrylic ear pieces. I have the tubing, dreve acrylic, and thermoplast to make the shells. I have some silicone to make the negative molds. In the dental lab I have a UV light curing matching that has a rotating table to cure the acrylic. I have a few drivers to try out: CI, TWFK, DTEC, GK and a few others. Ive gotten a few cables to figure out exactly what I want to use. Also i picked up some litz wire thats very small in a green/red colors. Also I have a huge array of dental burs and polishing kits to polish everything correctly. Only thing I am missing is some Caps and resistors if I am going to do any crossover stuff. But currently I am not sure how to go about trimming the impressions correctly. Does anyone have any pictures of their impressions after they have been trimmed correctly so that I can see what Im going for?

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I posted some videos previously. You can find the process of trimming them there.

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Originally Posted by MuZo2 View Post

I posted some videos previously. You can find the process of trimming them there.

Ok thank you!, does anyone remember what page they were on? Took me like a week to read through this stuff...........

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