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It's acrylic so it's good to go. Acrylic is inert to skin.

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Need info.
if we buy balance armature driver from mouser. They sell per pieces ( quantity 1 piece only) or a pair ( quantity 2 pieces)?

thank you.
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It is one piece, not a pair.

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MuZo2, thank you (y)
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Tungsten tooth carbide
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  OK. I've completed another set of CIEMs. Basically they are clear acrylic shells with Astrotec AX35 monitors in them. If you didn't know, the Astrotecs are affordable ($70) hybrid monitors with a dynamic speaker for the low spectrum and a balanced armature for the highs. Sound-wise, they are much better than my Sennheiser IE-4 and my Knowles dual driver designs. The Astrotecs are physically a bit large in the shell but I made it work. The dynamic speaker is much more suited for the lows and it really shines in the CIEM shells.

  So I did some experimenting with the different UV acrylics I've used and here's my verdict. The $5 nail salon stuff from Ebay looks, smells, flows, and cures just like the expensive Loctite stuff. That's what I'll use from now on. So total cost of the best CIEMs I have; less than $80.

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Cool, more pictures please. Do you know what drivers from knowles was in Astrotec ?

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Originally Posted by MuZo2 View Post  Cool, more pictures please. Do you know what drivers from knowles was in Astrotec ?


Astrotec officials say the AX-35 uses the ED-29689...

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Oh then its a steal at that price.

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It's a good thing they didn't use the ED-209 drivers.

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Originally Posted by Dan Jarros View Post



Did you put the whole iem inside ?

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Yes. 4mm-2mm shrink tubing in place of the rubber earpieces.

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After a long time in development, my latest IEMs are done.


5 drivers per ear (CI,DTEC and TWFK), with an external battery powered, 3-way, 4th order active crossover system feeding them. Simply amazing sound, easily rivals some of my high quality full sized cans.

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Great work!!! did you design the crossover your self or is off shelf.

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