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I have been lurking this thread for a while, and I decided to undertake making my own custom iems. I decided to use the Sonion 2091i, 2015, and 2389. I've managed to get all the other supplies I need, but I can't find anywhere to get Sonion drivers. I emailed Audiotronics and Colsonmicro, and neither one responded. I emailed Sonion too, but they told me that the only sell trays of 100 drivers. Does anybody know where the heck I can buy these drivers?

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Originally Posted by teeball View Post
 Does anybody know where the heck I can buy these drivers?


Sonion donot sell in small quantities, also their re-sellers will not sell one or two drivers. You should be looking for Knowles alternatives which can be bought from mouser. Or you can check here in sales section for IEM using sonion drivers.

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I Posted in this thread in September of 09 and holy crap a lot has been added,  so much that I am afraid to even begin attempting to get caught up.

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Hello there everybody, 


Just joined this forum so this is my first post. Having a great time reading about all sorts of stuff on here, but just wanted to ask a question.


I'm looking at making my own IEMs for a project, and i was wondering about the shure pin connectors which are these little guys here..  I thought about these as it would be easy enough to buy a shure cable instead of having to make one. If anyone has any other suggestions on cabling etc I would love to know the details, 




I want to connect them to these little guys..




I thought I would put it to the forum to see what people think is the best way and to which pin etc, any information welcome, diagrams etc would be overwhelmingly helpful! Without sounding like a total novice (which I am!) Do i wire the drivers to the resistors and capacictors and then from the resistors and caps to the shure pin? 

Thank you in advance!



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Hello again everybody, 

I'm just about to purchase some biopor AB40 clear silicon for the IEMs, it comes to £90 with VAT, and apparently it will make almost 80 moulds. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in going halves on it? As i definitely wont be needing that amount, so might make it cheaper for a few people out there looking to make some IEMs. 



Let me know what y'all think?



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PM sent Jack

I will take some of your order if that's ok.

But I think that even a quarter or your 90 quids worth will be more than enough for me.

Maybe others will be interested too?

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How do you plan for curing of biopors?You will need pressure for overcoming pororsity.

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Yes was wondering same, how does this material cure ? how do you guys plan to cure them at home?

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hey guys, i was under the assumption that it just cured at room temperature? This is what ive read and been told, but perhaps they weren't overly informed. Do you guys have a suggestion on any other product i could use for the body of the shells? 


This is a bit of info  and techniques on biopor AB shore 40 that i'd be using



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Yes it cures at room temperature but not room pressure :)

The companys ,uses soft mould,uses UV silicones.It is easier than the UV acrylics.Egger LP/W ise good product for that purpose also loctite resin aid is another good material.

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The pdf says 1hr in boiling water and then 15hrs at 150 deg(over night).

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I think thats only the biopor HV (hot vulcanisation) which needs to cure for 15 hours overnight in hot cabinet. I'm looking at getting the biopor AB which is I don't think you need to put in hot cabinet, only if you're laquering with their product? - I think I'm right in saying this anyway!?

Is this the kinda product from egger you were saying about? COuldnt seem to find anything about the loctite resinaid


Cheers for your help guys. Let me know what you think about the Biopor AB

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egger LP/W

loctite 3596

loctite 3680

loctite 3684

these materials are UV vulcanising silicones.

dreve has no UV vulcanising(polimerising si,licone)


You can use google for further infomation :)

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Biopor AB is addition curing silicone - it means that in one 48ml tube has two chambers - one with coloring concentrate and component A and second with component B. They mix together by using mixing canula and pressure injector. Before you waste your money on materials think if you're really able to use it as they were meant to.

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Originally Posted by tsn141 View Post

egger LP/W

loctite 3596

loctite 3680

loctite 3684

these materials are UV vulcanising silicones.

dreve has no UV vulcanising(polimerising si,licone)


You can use google for further infomation :)

These aren't UV curing silicone (I'm not sure if such thing even exists)

egger LP and Loctite are UV curing acrylic and that's quite big difference.

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