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Originally Posted by JxK View Post

IIRC, don't those retailers sell the pl50 for close to $75? Focalprice sells them for $55, sometimes $50 if they're having a sale or you can find a coupon. That's where I bought mine when I had them. And frankly, while they're a good buy for $50, I don't think they're worth $75

ALO lists PL50 for $55, I believe, no free shipping though. FocalPrice is definitely cheap, but customer service is generally slow and warranty will take a long time. It is what you are not paying that is what you have saved. Obviously it is up to the buyer to decide what is important..

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How is this compared to re-zero? 

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Originally Posted by laon View Post

How is this compared to re-zero? 

Re-zero is in another league

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I see... I had one once and like it, but had to sell it due to circumstances and while the build is decent the packaging is really lacking for the price (considering many less expensive IEM like this have very good one).


I'm still interested in this since it's cheap enough and seems really comfortable.

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Got my pl50 for a few days now, and I greatly prefer this to my Re-Zero, great comfort, sweet vocal, good soundstage when paired with amp. This baby is a keeper, moreso with the price. smily_headphones1.gif

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what amp are you pairing them with ?

iv been looking at buying them but have been unsure if they are worth it?

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I definitely think they are. Fantastic highs and good mids. Not great if you want very prominent bass, however.

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Originally Posted by jant71 View Post

I am liking how the dynamic driver phones have been coming along. I don't know about them going armature. Let's hope they turned out well, more toward Phonak SQ than SE110 SQ. Could go either way. They look very slick for sure though.

Thanks for your explanation! It is exactly what I need.
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I was hesitant about buying these after my experience with the RE0, particularly in terms of build quality, but my very brief impression is that they are a good buy. Prominent bass is overrated, IMO - I can get fart cannons off the rack here at work any day of the week : its a bit like junk food and I dont know too many people who want that every meal. YMMV.

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I'll be damned.


Just found out that I'm missing one of my ear hooks that came with the PL50. I only use my PL50 when exercising/running and without the hooks it's pretty much useless for this as the wire likes to be all over the place (when wearing over the ear).


I've tried to look for a spare hook but it seems that Sound Magic don't offer their customers to buy additional accessories.


Any suggestion guys?

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Last time around, I actually order another pair of SoundMAGIC just for the ear hook, thought the IEM itself (PL21) turns out to be pretty good for the price (less than $20 with free shipping, IIRC).

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may be... you could ask koalkoal , it's Michael, salesmanager SoundMAGIC.

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Just ordered a pair from iHeadphones UK for £40 shipped. Waiting to be wowed. :)



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it's 2 weeks with the pl50. pretty nice!

before getting them i was concerned about the impedance/volume relation. but to my surprise , using the clip+ iin normal volume it's enough with 45-65 % which i consider really good

what i dont notice at all is the sibilance , like clieos mentioned. thats amazing. but im curious.. whats the reason for no sibilance? the impedance or maybe the volume i use ? or both of them or something else?

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last night, after a long time i missed to listen some jazz like bill evans,coltrane etc.. and my pl50's which are obviously not for metal music really shines with jazz.. amazing imagining,detailed sound beautiful mids and good soundstage... im really impressed for jazz performance of these babies and changed my mind to keep them =) but for the record , if you wanna listen heavy metal via them , absolutely look for something else than pl50.

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