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Feedback kplzthx.
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Sold Aaron my Total Bithead and the transaction was flawless. Had the money almost immediately and I got quick notification of the receipt of the TB which is great. Do business with tvrboy if you get the chance.
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Sold HD650s

Sold TVRbot my FLAWLESS HD650s. Perfect transaction. Would love to sell him some more stuff!!

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Bought Grado SR225. Communication was good and the headphones were shipped promptly in their original box put in a large, padded envelope.

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Shipping EXTREMELY FAST. Bought HD650 and it took exactly 3 days to ship from USA to Canada. Would buy again for sure. Even included a nice letter and popcorn for me to enjoy!
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Sold a pair of akg k99s to him. great buyer, fast communication, prompt payment. thanks for the smooth transaction
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Bought a pair of K240 Sextetts from tvrboy. Great communication and everything went smoothly. Do not hesitate to buy from him!
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Sold him a pair of Sony SA5k.
Reliable and fast payment!
An asset to head-fi. Thanks again!
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I sold my pair of AD2000s to tvrboy. Communication was stellar, and payment was fast. Thanks!
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Bought a pair of MDR-SA5000 from Aaron, shipped from China to the UK.
Quick and easy to communicate with, the phones were exactly as described and he did everything I asked. Fast delivery also (for China!)

Highly recommended, thanks!
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Aaron bought a pair of Audio-Technica ESW9s from me.

Payment was instant and communication was excellent!

What more could you ask for?

Thanks for a great sale!
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Bought my Sennheiser HD580. Payment was quick and had no problems with communication. Recommended buyer/seller
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Sold Aaron some headphones. Payment and transaction went wonderfully.
An asset to the community. Mike
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I bought the HE5/EF5 set from Aaron, he was very patient with me and gave me the chance to sell of my phones first to help pay for it. I thought that was a really nice thing to do. Communication was excellent the whole time and everything was as described coming from China. I would definitely recommend doing business with him if you get the chance A++
Thanks Aaron
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Bought an HE5 off Aaron. He was patient with me sending my money, as it took a few days longer than I had expected, and the shipping was very fast from China. Would do business with again.
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