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Bicycle lighting

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Back before I got my driver's license I used to ride my bike constantly. I've decided I need more physical activity in my life so I am going to start biking again. This would involve everything from biking the short distance to work to long (in my opinion) rides of ~25-50 miles. For now, I won't be doing any hardcore trail biking but I would like to do that again one day.

Since I live in Chicago, biking to work involves riding on busy streets. I don't think I will be riding the streets at night, but there might be a few occasions where I would be out around dusk or sunset.

I'm looking at some reasonably priced lighting options to keep me visible to motorists. I have an older CatEye halogen headlight that is bright and works well enough to serve as my actual headlight, should I choose to go out on a path or easy trail when it's dark, so a true headlight is not what I'm looking for. Instead, I'm looking for the flashing type LED headlight and tail lights.

Right now I'm considering the Blackburn Flea for the front, and either a Blackburn Mars 3.0, 4.0, or Planet Bike Superflash for the rear. Any suggestions?

I got to demo the 3.0 and Superflash in a nearby bike store, but haven't had a chance to see the 4.0 in person. I like that the 3.0 has the amber LEDs on the side, but I question if they are truly useful. The red LEDs on the 3.0 aren't really amazing or anything.. They're somewhat bright but I don't really like the flash pattern too much. The Superflash is really really bright and I really love the flash pattern, it seems like it would be more attention getting. Of course, no side amber LEDs though.. I'm wondering if the 4.0 would be the best of both worlds.

3.0 is $15, 4.0 is $25, Superflash is $25.

Do you think the 4.0 or Superflash will be overkill, especially since I don't intend on doing any night-time riding on the very busy streets? I know $10 isn't a huge difference but if the 3.0 would do a fine job of making me visible, that's another $10 I can spend towards something else!

Thanks in advance!
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I know Yojimbos carries them for sure.
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