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Yes I've tried the digtal inputs as well. I opened the DM and found that one capacitor, C400, is blown. I can't find any service manuals online and Cambridge customer support could not help me.

What does this capacitor controll/do? And does anyone know how it could have blown and can I replace it with any kind of same size capacitor? I have some soldering experience:)

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Any chance you could post a picture of the blown capacitor?  It would keep us from having to open up our units and we might be able to see what part of the circuit the cap is in.


Replacing it with a similar capacitor should be fine.  It would of course be nice to know what caused it to blow in the first place.

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I had some problems uploading a picture but this link will provide the it, in post #84. It's the capacitor between C403 and C426.



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Does anyone know what this capacitor controll? 

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It looks like that cap is in the +/- 5V power supply.  




I think I'd be checking to see that none of those diodes in the area failed.  It shouldn't hurt to drop a replacement in there if it's clear that cap is bad, the worst case is that it fails again and you need to keep troubleshooting the cause.

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Thank you very much!!! Do you know if this faulty capacitor will affect the analog output in the dac? I will try to replace it.

It is Xunda 470uF50v capacitor, should I try to get a hold of the exact one or will any capacitor with the same specs work? Do you have any suggestion?

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Took a chance and bought two Panasonic capacitors with the same specs, hopefully they will work.

I've never soldered something like this before, is there anything special I need to know or be aware of before I start or do I just use common soldering sense? 

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Those should be fine for that application.  


I'd recommend you check out this soldering demo.  It's easy to follow and if you do what he says you'll get great results.





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Again, thank you!!! You've been very helpful. Will let you know how it ends up when I'm done. 

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Not a problem.  I've had as much help from others myself here so happy to give back a little bit if I can!  You'll find plenty of good folks here if you stick around.  Good luck, and be sure to let us know how it works out.

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Hello again,
Well sadly changing the capacitor did not work. I watched the soldering videos just in case before I started. I still have the same problem, very distorted sound using the analog outputs. Do you or anyone else have any idea whats causing this? Everything else looks ok but I don't know how to search for other errors on the dac board.
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Sorry, not much else I can offer without being able to troubleshoot with the unit in hand.  Be sure to carefully examine all the components for anything that might seem heat damaged etc... Otherwise you'll need to do more detailed checks.  

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Originally Posted by shipsupt View Post

I've never considered the DacMagic as a DAC to warm things up. I'd say it falls more into the bright camp. If you're needing a component that adds some warmth I'd look elsewhere.


I suggest a tube buffer or tube pre amp. I use a tube pre amp and it does warm the things up.

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