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just throwing up a question here since I'm considering an upgrade on the DAC and my current rig is utilising my D10; I don't think that's a great idea in the long term seeing that it is battery operated.


Question though, my source will be mainly through my laptop which only has usb,is it then still a good jump to run to the DACMagic or is it not much of an improvement, or are there better choices? I don't think I'm changing my source unless there is something in the market that isn't too expensive

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It sounds really good through usb, better than from onboard Supreme FX optical out>DM optical in.

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Has anyody tried with a higher quality USB to S/Pdif source such as the HiFace or the Teralink X2?

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I have. It (hiFace to RCA SPDIF) easily betters DM's USB input.

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 Originally Posted by Paganini Alfredo View Post


Does anyone have any helpful advice, and possibly nudge me in the right direction where I can get some reasonably priced interconnects?


I guess the reason why I even came in here is cause I'm looking at the DAC Magic as a source, but really haven't decided yet. Where are you getting yours Panges?




Until someone shows that expensive interconnects lead to audible differences in a blind test (which hasn't been done) there is no reason to buy expensive cables.  I use $20 3ft. Monster RCA interconnects, which work great.  


Buying used in the fs forum is a good option.  I found my DM there for $300. 

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The steep filter does the least to the original signal as possible.  For that my ears thanked me.


The best upgrade for the dacmagic is an audio rated transformer - toroidal, yeah!


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Finding a new aftermarket PSU for this thing is a pain (can't use the US one, maybe I should've thought about that first) :(


And no, I don't wanna buy a stepdown transformer.

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Check out Pink Floyds little pinkie.  I found splicing in the Musical Fidelity X-PSU V3 into the dacmagic really goes some distance in bridging the differences between my Bryston dac and the DM.  I got a better beefier bass reponse with a bigger soundstage and improved imaging and separation.  Whereas the DM is somewhat forward of neutral - with the PSU in place it sits bang on neutral or maybe even towards the warmer side - but that treble response always remains sharp, crisp and distict.

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Hi, gang!

Great forum!

I am not nearly as hi-fi literate as I hope to be someday (still fairly new to the world of higher-end audio), but recently purchased the DM and am thoroughly enjoying it -- I did have a few questions related to Windows 7 and how to ensure it is doing as little interfering as possible, and was wondering if these kinds of issues had already been discussed somewhere.


My main concern is with what Windows 7 may or may not be doing to the sound on it's way from iTunes, through the USB connection and to the DM. When looking at the DM device through ControlPanel>>Sounds, you can select Properties and there are a number of semi-goofy things you can get Windows to do to the sound (bass enhancement, upsampling, etc) - of course I have all these turned off, but I am still concerned I haven't covered all the bases. Does anyone have a prescription for how to set things up in Windows to ensure the cleanest/most un-sullied sound (as is possible) is leaving my laptop?


Many thanks in advance~

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Just to follow up my own post -- I found a good deal of info on getting 'bit-perfect' sound out of windows 7 (a little surprised its as convoluted as it is, but, it is what it is I guess).

After a few hours of tinkering, I managed to get jriver media center (much better than expected!) and ASIO4all (v2.10) installed, and I dare say I think the sound I am hearing more is much cleaner and brighter than what I was hearing previously under iTunes. For the record, I have ASIO4all not doing any upsampling, and I have no other non-default settings turned on in jriver MC (aside from setting ASIO as the output method).


Any other thoughts or advice on the subject (or anyone who has used jriver MC) would be great!



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You can try J River CPU resampling to 48khz to retain compatability with USB - and see if the Dacmagic is better at lifting 48 khz to 192 khz (divisible numbers) than 44.1 to 192 (not divisible).  Because CPU is more powerful and better equipped to deal with remainders in division than the onboard chips of the DM.


Also JR crossfeed in the "subtle" setting I find is brilliant and indispensible, especially with closed cans - bit-perfect is not the end game as far as I'm concerned.  These DSP's can still be routed via Asio to eliminate windows interference of the carefully implemented DSP's.

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Gaah, I'm so torn between this and the V-DAC. Why can there ever be a consensus on the items I want?


Are there ever any sales on the Dacmagic? Everywhere I look, it is being sold at MSRP. Or maybe even a coupon code or discount from popular retailers such as JR and 5th Ave?

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The Dacmagic is more able to add treble response to your HD650 than the V-Dac.

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I just bought the DACMagic for $380, new.  Check Audiogon, there's always people posting them up.


I won't be able to hear it for a bit, but I'm excited.

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I think you bought the last one for $380. From 65Snake, right? But thanks, I'll keep an eye on that site, although I'm more accustomed to the likes of Amazon.

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