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FT: Sony D777 Discman

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I seem to be on a bit of a roll in this forum at the moment, and with portable listening being taken care of by my minidisc these days, I'm interested to see what people would be prepared to trade for this "legendary" Discman...

I will be prepared to swap this for the item(s) of the most interest to me... This is completely open... Please feel free to post generously
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I'd love to get my hands on a D-777, but I don't have a clue what you'd like in exchange. I normally bribe my sister who lives in London with packages of real Vegemite (that stuff that "looks and smells like tar" that you put on your toast - an Australasian icon). Anything peculiarly New Zealand that your interested in? Perraux and Plinius equipment, All Black bits and pieces, the America's Cup (did I mention that we still have that), SHEEP......

Anyway I'll leave it with you.

PS - Anyone got any nice pikkies of the D-777 for me? I've never actually seen one.
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Third pic down....bottom right corner.
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Looks pretty nice.
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Just a little nudge, to put this back at the top of the screen...

Doesn't anyone have some headphones that they'd just love to swap for this Discman?

Heck... I'll even throw in those E888s of mine if it makes this look more interesting?!
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Duncan, I'll make an even trade with you. My Panasonic SL-CT470 for your D777. :-) Sound good?
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I was ideally thinking more along the lines of some classy headphones myself... but... you never know
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