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For Sale: Audio Research LS3 Preamp

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I have a black Audio Research LS3 Solid State Preamp now not in use. The unit is in beautiful condition and excellent operating shape. The only wear would be on the gold plating on the input/output from running through new toys.

This has been a great unit for me - sounds fantastic and looks so good you just want to eat it. All in all just a fantastic preamp. This unit is set up for 220 volts for Europe and Asia. Sorry I don't have the box any longer, but I'm meticulous about my gear and will package accordingly.

Price $625 (free worldwide shipping). Paypal preferred.

ADDED: If you pay with Paypal, the price will be $585 shipped!

Here's a stock pic, in case you don't know what it looks like. (I hope you do if you're buying it!) If you're seriously interested and want some snaps, let me know.

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Shipping Location?

Also, can it run on 110V US without converters/220V source by setting on unit or is it dedicated 220V unit?

Do you have the remote control that was offered as option?





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