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I take my time. It's the way to go and I agree. There are too many 200+ head-fi-ers giving recommendations for stuff everyone else knows is average equipment. Thanks for this thread -> saving time for new ppl like me.
What is head-fi's policy on people who post stuff like "scvoiunsdvjnviuenf"?
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ITT: OP trolls to boost his post count.
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I see you figured out my method and are using it to your advantage. Now all you need is 1450 more posts like that and you'll be a Supremus!!

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Could always just do away with the post count and have only year joined info....who cares its all just for fun and info.
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Originally Posted by intoflatlines View Post
Nice job, mudkip. It's always good to see members (whether new or old) boosting their post count by making productive posts instead of dozens of one-liners, "bump" or "" posts, you know what I mean.

I remember when I first joined here it seemed like it was hard to get any advice. Even after searching the forums if I couldn't find my answer I would make a new thread but no one would really help me out.
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My problem is seeing new comers commenting on something they've not heard of and starting a flame war. NOT COOL.
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Originally Posted by intoflatlines View Post
Noobs: I don't think it's right to make dozens of posts in a really short amount of time on this board to boost your post count (assuming that's what you're trying to do). Not cool.

I don't think stuff like these posts should be even counted in a user's post count since it's nothing really productive and doesn't contribute much to the community.
You seriously need to get over yourself. Stop caring about things that you cannot control, and stop telling other people what's "right" on an internet forum.
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1. Newbies (including me) post substance-less posts by their very nature. We are new, ignorant, and therefore cannot contribute nearly as much quality as some of the more knowledgeable members.

2. Do not assume that new members are posting insignificantly in an attempt to qualify for the FS sub-forum to SELL, their intention could be to BUY in an attempt to achieve better SQ, something which I'm sure everyone is familiar with.

3. I agree with whoever said we should eradicate post counts. People should be regarded by the quality, not the quantity of their contribution.

ETA: Though, thats not to say people who contribute a lot don't contribute quality.
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