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Newbie cable question

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I have a set of Sennheiser HD 545 headphones. I like them a lot but I hate the stupid cable! The connectors to the headset are pretty shoddy and loosened up (accidentally stepping on the chord) so the connection isn't so great. Are there good replacements for the cable? Maybe a upgrade to the cable while I am at it?

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do a search for "clou" or "jaspis" - very nice improvement with my hd580s.


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perhaps email the good people over at Headroom. (http://www.headphone.com)

Or head on over to their head-fi forum here. Them is good people. They gave me a mug!
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can you even replace the 545 cables /w a pair of clous? I thought that was only availabe in the hd 580/600.

Hm.....maybe I should try. *me glances at old pair of 545 sitting*
They're kinda hard to pull off.....
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There are two questions: one -- does it have that standard two-prong Sennheiser connection? Two -- is there a little bit of room around the "outlet"? This second one is important because, for example, on the HD250-II -- it does, indeed, have the standard two-prong Sennheiser connection, but the "outlet" is real tight, and the Clou gets a little wider, so it won't stay in there.
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