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yeah, even after a crappy day it's nice knowing you can just lie in bed in the dark and listen to good music without anyone bothering you...
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Hmm I think I am going to do the same Voyager... grr why did I leave my pcdp in the car... this sucks, its so cold outside... heh

But seriously, it is the best experience, regardless of equipment, I can attain... in the bed listening to music out of a CHA47 and PCDP...
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Oh, yes, the old forgot-the-loudspeakers problem... And I also know the "Hmmm, where does this strange ringing come from? I never heard that on this cd, before?"-phenomenon. Proper inspection of the equipment usually isn't necessary, though, because after my taking the phones off the culprit usually turns out to be the alarm clock. <sigh> But my craziest headphones experience is quite recent. I found that I can equalize and zoom sound and even do a kind of crossfeed with different levels in my head. It still only works under certain conditions, and I really have to concentrate - but it's getting easier every time I try to reproduce it. Funny thing...

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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i was listening to nine inch nails "downward spiral" on my cd1700, and for a second i thought the guy sitting next to me was whispering evil things in my ear! then i realized i was wearing closed phones and it was just trent reznor. what a relief!

It still only works under certain conditions
would those conditions involve the flowers from a certain seasonal plant, hmmmm?
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Oh, yes, the old forgot-the-loudspeakers problem...
1970...3:30 A.M. .... my room, after a night of partying... Led Zeppelin blasting through Koss phones.....dog knocks out headphone cable which automatically switches speakers on....Led Zeppelin blasting through my speaker system. ..... I'm too out of it to notice....Mother suddenly standing in my doorway , upside down, silently yelling and waving her arms at me .....

I always thought I was the only one.
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redshifter: How did you know? But actually I'm already fairly close to managing it without additional substances, now...

Grinnings from Munich!

Manfred / lini

P.S.: It's the optical fx department, that doesn't work without, yet. But I'm training hard...
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redshifter: How did you know?
ummm, i must have heard that from someone, sometime....

"...but i did not inhale..."

"...and i did not have sexual relations with that woman..."

what'll we ever do without slick willie?

redshifter (wishing someone would bring him flowers )
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I'll bring you flowers... wait... for what?
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jon, that's so sweet

but they have to be crystally, dense nuggets that smell slightly skunky, BECAUSE I WANT TO SMOKE THEM!!!

this post is for entertainment purposes only and in no way condones the use of, or approval therein by the moderators of this forum of any controlled substance (except the orpheus). thank you.
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hahah, I got it... I forget that since people here don't know me they might assume I'm actually that naïve. Anyway, smoking pot is bad. Bake it in food and eat it.

For the record, I'm clean.
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For the record, I'm clean.
me too. i just had a shower and a haircut.
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When I first started listening to Musicmatch with the Dolby Headphone enabled I was constantly jumping out of my chair looking for someone talking behind me. DH really is spooky.
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