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So I'm not currently visiting my Grandma this weekend as she's very sick. I'll hopefully be able to make it back but I can't see myself getting into the city before 3pm :S


I do make a damn good macaroni salad though ;)

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Awesome.  I'm looking forward to this.  It looks like there will be a decent amount of gear that might be switched from one rig to another for comparisons.  Should be interesting!

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Well, i just discovered that Firefox seems to have some kind of problem with allowing me to make replies on this forum. So I'm forced to use IE. Anyone else having that problem?


Here's what I'll be bringing:

TASCAM CD-01U professional CD player (bring CDs if you want to use this, it also has balanced outs... does anyone have balanced stuff?)

Livewires (should I? nobody can really test them...)

Millett MAX (half-finished case)

PIMETA v2 (no case)

Grado HF-2

iBasso Boa D2 headphone amp


I'm also gonna bring along one of my friends who's interested in coming along. He's got some pair of AKG phones, forget which.


And I suppose I'll bring chips and such... some beer... =)


I go by the name Justin, and my friend's name is Aaron. See you all there, hope you guys can make it!

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So far the only people who have asked me for my address are:


I'll probably check my messages Sunday morning, but after that don't expect a response.


I've got one extra friend coming, as does Takaji, so that puts us at 6 so far.


I've got some pizzas in the freezer, and I'll probably pick up a pack of smokies or something. I'd normally try to whip up something better, but I've been swamped all week and tomorrow I'm out all day as well.

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I'll hopefully be able to make it.


Is it necessary to bring my Grado HF-2s if Tak is bringing a pair?


Well, I'll bring:


Audio Technica ATH-AD2000

UE Super.Fi 5 Pro

Maybe Sennheiser HD595 (Friend has them)

Maybe Sennheiser RS180 (wireless)


Headamp Pico /w USB DAC


Sadly I don't think I'll have my Phiaton MS400's in before Sunday (I don't think they deliver weekends?...)

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Just checking, unless it was mentioned somewhere I'm wondering what time this will be at?

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I believe its supposed to start at 2ish. 


I'll be bringing:



Compass DAC/Amp w Sun opamp.  I can bring the others if people are interested.

PA2v2 (probably)


I'll also be bringing my netbook, a power bar and a couple cds. 


See you all there!

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I'll bring all my IEM gear haha, and Grado/Alessandro's (HF2 if lots of people want to listen to them), too bad I couldn't get my pico slim in time.

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For headphones, I'm bringing:

- Sennheiser HD600 and vintage (borrowed from my dad) HD424

- Yamaha HP3 ortho, which I've damped to sound pretty damn good

- Portapros



- NuForce Icon uDac (I'll have a laptop as well)

- Playstation 1 SCPH-1001



- cmoy housed in a soup can.



- an assortment of metal, jazz, bluegrass/acoustic, and classical CDs.



- I'll try for some cut veggies and dip.

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This is pretty impressive, I didn't know you had a time machine!




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I believe we can say the first Winnipeg head-fi meet was a success. Went about 4 hours, and we didn't even break out any gear for the first half. Just standing around chatting, eating bbq, good times. What the heck am I supposed to do with all these leftover hot dog/burger buns? Guess I'll go feed the ducks tomorrow.


I think the standout headphones today were the HF-2 and the Sennheiser PX-100, and we all kind of marveled at the tiny size of the µdac and iBasso D2. Shoeboxes also seemed to be the container of choice.


I really liked the Senn HD600, and I'm kicking myself that I forgot to try out the Beyers. The day wasn't about gear for me though. It was just cool to meet up with people and put some names to faces. Random surprise for me today was finding out Mythless was actually my cousin.


Let's see if I get this right...


from left to right: Aaron, Takaji, Acidbasement (+Magnus?), Armaegis, Mythless, Cyberidd

aka: Aaron, Justin, Iain, Nathan, David, Andrew

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Many thanks to Nathan/Armaegis for hosting!  It was great to see the local contingent of this online community get together in the flesh, and I was happy to finally hear a Grado that I like a lot - the HF2.  It was also good to hear so many different cans and realize that I still like my HD600s the best (in my price range, and pending, perhaps, more intensive comparison with the HF2).  :D


Let's do this again next year and see what else Takaji builds.

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Sad I missed it. Didn't get back into the city until 10pm


Maybe my Phiaton's will arrive today to cheer me up haha! XD


Edit: Is the Titanium Grey RX8 in background anyones? ^_^

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I had a fun time and it was nice to meet everybody. Definitely I was quite impressed by the Sennheiser PX100s! It was also pretty neat to see the solid-state op-amps that Cyberidd had. I should mention too that the BeyerDynamics I head (995's or something?) was very nice and clear, and similar to my HF-2s.

Armaegis, thanks for posting the photo, it turned out pretty nice!


As for what I'll be building next, I think the focus will be on casework for at least some time... I need to finish the case for the Millett MAX, and the PIMETA v2. I also need to start looking into which speakers I'll be making. I'm flip-flopping between two designs, but this one seems to be my best bet.

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edit: double post

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