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Winnipeg meets' thread (Ongoing) - Page 6

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Originally Posted by acidbasement View Post
Case schmase - I want to see the guts!
Oh, but wait till you see the case
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Alright, lets have the meet for May 16th then :P
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Okay, I've scribbled down May 16th on my calendar, let's say 2pm. Interested parties, please pm me and I will send you my address/map.
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Woohoo, I've got a bbq!
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Well, more like a super old one that I swiped from my parents since they haven't used it in years... but it works, so no complaints.
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Hopefully it will be sunny and free of mosquitos that day!
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Thats great! I'm happy that this is coming together so well!

On a slightly unrelated note, do we have an idea of how many/what people are planning to show up? It would be good to know so we could get in touch with the people who haven't been active in this thread recently to give them the heads up.
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So it looks like there are 4 people who may not know whats going on:

hotaudio40 - (MOT), and

Should we send them a message letting them know whats going on, or would that lead to space problems? As it is, it looks like 5 people will be there.
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I'll be there for sure. Working on the case of my Millett MAX tomorrow hopefully, but who knows when it'll get done...
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Did anyone get in touch with Tomikans? Might be worth shooting him another pm too.
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So far only acidbasement and cyberidd have pm'd me for my address.
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PM sent!
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whew good thing I checked out the new forum, may 16th sounds good!  I guess everyone brings an assortment of food?

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Yeah, I think a random assortment of smokies and chips, that sort of thing. I can always throw a pizza in the oven too.

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