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May 2nd looks good to me. I'm looking forward to being done school (1 week left!!!), having some summer fun, listening to some new gear, and meeting all of you!

I would still like to figure out some way of making this a social gathering if possible so if anyone has any ideas on that front, lets hear them!
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I'm more about the social aspect than anything. I mean, sure the gear is cool and all, but I'm actually trying to curb my desire for new toys at the moment, and listening to better toys than mine isn't going to help that

I'm still offering my place; it'll be a bit cramped for a dozen people, but it'll do. I live in Fort Richmond.
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My schedule is very flexible in general, so whenever works for everyone should be good for me. Very nice of you to offer your place, Armaegis. I'll bring a bottle of wine and some snacks.
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I think that it'll be great to have it at your place Armaegis, thanks for making it available! I too would be happy to bring something, as I'm sure everyone else would be too, but it would be nice to know what kind of event we want this to be so people know what to show up with (ie. barbecue = bring steaks, house party = bring salsa and chips, etc.).
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I guess what kind of party we have depends on whether I manage to pick up a bbq in the next two weeks (if anyone sees a decent one on kijiji for relatively cheap, let me know)
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My parents just bought a new bbq, and I'd love to volunteer my place, but unfortunately I can't...
Armaegis thanks for offering your place. Ultimately if everyone prefers an earlier date in May I can probably still make it, but mid-May would work best for me I think.
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So is the date May 2nd? I'll need to asap as I have to book it off

Mmmm taco dip...
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Sunday May 2nd works for me, is everyone else agreed on having it that day?
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Yeah I think May 2 is good to go. Did we set a time yet? If not, let's say 2pm (I like to sleep in on weekends )

I'm still working on the bbq; sent out a couple messages on kijiji tonight...
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Gah! Just realised my current schedule goes up till May 2nd. Would May 9th work for everyone? :S
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I could do that... depends on everyone else. I think it might work better for Takaji since he wanted more mid-may. I can host any Sunday up until the 16th, then my schedule fills up again.
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Hmm... as a matter of fact the 16th is probably the only day that I can say absolutely for sure I'll be able to attend, since I'm planning to come in from out of town that day anyway. The 2nd and the 9th are looking less certain now, with some family obligations coming up.
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Yes, mid-May would be best for me ^^ but whatever the group decides, I'm fine with. Given more time I might be able to finish the case for my Millett MAX to show you guys!
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I can do mid May, I don't know specifically about the 9th or 16th but I think both of those would work on my end.
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Originally Posted by Takaji View Post
Yes, mid-May would be best for me ^^ but whatever the group decides, I'm fine with. Given more time I might be able to finish the case for my Millett MAX to show you guys!
Case schmase - I want to see the guts!
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