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I'd be willing to host at my place, but I don't have that much room and it'd be awkward with more than 4 people+gear.
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I won't be able to host it, but I can bring a power bar that would make outlets less of an issue.
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We also should try and find another way of communicating since nobody (myself included) seems to check here often enough.

I think I'll PM everyone I can find on here whose location is Winnipeg or nearby and let them know this page exists.
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I do check here, since I get notifications of when this thread is updated.

For me, I'm busy until at least the end of April with school. May and beyond looks good.

Projects I would like to finish before having our little meet:
- Case for Millett MAX
- Case for PIMETA v2

Projects I would like to work on this summer:
- Either a monoblock or dual channel speaker amp - push/pull, tube-style... perhaps 2A3 ppSETH....
- Either buy or make my own bookshelf speakers.
- Current budget for both projects set at approx. $2000
- Also, I need to find someone who's in the know about building speaker amps. Anybody know anything?
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I`m from Winnipeg too. Wouldn`t mind trying out some other gear.

I have:
Audio Technica AD2000
Grado HF2
Senn HD595

UE SF5Pros

Headamp Pico Amp w/ USB DAC
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lol the HF-2 collection in wpg is growing!
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Hey if anybody here is into building speakers, I have a couple big MDF speaker cabinets that I'm not using. Approx 1.5x1.5x3' each.
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I'll definitely be looking into speaker design this summer... not sure what I'll go with yet but I'd like to basically spend money once on something high-end, then not have to worry about it for at least a few years. I figure I'm still living at home right now, I have a smaller-size room and office, so I should probably stick with bookshelf. Who knows yet.

What do you guys think of me building this amp? So far, it's the best instructions I've found so far: MagneQuest DIY: Jean-Francois Lessard's 2A3 SETH SA-240 Push-Pull Monoblock (check the build manual)
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Looks pretty good.
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So its beginning to look like we need to be looking for somewhere different to hold this meet since we seem to have more than 4 people interested in coming. I am not able to host, but if others are able to thats great, if not we ought to start working on where we can go to hold it (ie. the library, one of the universities, etc.). We should also start looking at days if we are skill looking at having this in april.
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There is a possibility that I might be able to have access to a large room at the U of M... my current studio room may be cleared out by the end of April, but I'm not sure. It's a big maybe.

I don't think that April would work for me for a meet, since I'm still finishing up school. May would be better.
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At the moment I will have to echo May. I have a huge project/exam coming up in April that will consume me.

Another thought re: location. How about in a garage? Set up some tables and lawn chairs, toss some meat on the bbq, that's the makings of a nice party right there.
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I guess it largely depends on what stuff we're listening to. I'd be concerned too about things like dust. If we've got speakers, it might not be a suitable space.
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I too would be worried about having my equipment in a garage, although I do like the barbecue idea . As far as moving it to May goes, that works better for me too so I'll go for that switch.
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Hey guys, count me in. I live out of town and have two little kids, so I'll have to play it slightly by ear (no pun intended), but I'll try my best to make it.

Cans: HD600, Yamaha HP-3 orthodynamic (undamped, but hoping to fix this soon)

Source: Nuforce Icon uDac, Playstation 1 SCPH-1001

Amp: nasty looking cMoy cased in an old soup can.

As far as venue goes, I wonder if we could rent something like a Legion hall or something like that - it might be pretty cheap if it were on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon, and then we could have eats/drinks, plus minors (if any) would be allowed also. The trouble with University rooms is that they are generally not set up for being both sociable and exclusive, unless someone can think of an exception.

Tomikans is another Winnipegger not yet on this thread - I'll shoot him a PM.
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