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Originally Posted by Armaegis View Post


I've heard the HE-X and didn't feel it was worth the cost. I'd sooner grab another HE-6 than get the HE-X or 1000.


The Ether is... well, let's just say there are many things that I can tell you in person that I can't say on headfi about a sponsor.


LCD-3 was not an improvement over the LCD-2. I haven't heard the 4, but at those rocketing prices... Heck, I'd grab an Oppo PM-2 or 3 before another Audeze. I might consider a Sine though, out of curiosity.


Ooh active monitors are a whole 'nuther ballgame. What's your room size and intended placement? How big are you willing to go?



Yup - you gave me the HE-X and while i felt they were better than my then Anax modded HD800, it wasnt by much and it wasnt as comfortable...loss of soundstage kind of sucked too


Your HE-6 sounded great, but i had the HE-400 a few years ago and theyre a bit heavy/cumbersome...maybe a HE-560 suspension mod would be in order..but kinda scary


I wonder if Hifiman is releasing a new headphone, maybe drive the HE-1000 used prices further down..they just look so ugly imo


As for monitors, I've had ADAM F5s that i got for less than $400 for a pair...then returned it....what a dumb move.  Right now i have these Kanto YU5 monitors, and theyre not that good - maybe sell then and look at something like Emotiva or even ADAM again.  It'll be in the basement, one wing of it - room size is about 12x30 where my desk is on the narrow side and the other end opens up to the living room


Itll be near field - and no treatment hehe

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Oh right, I forgot I gave them to you as next on the tour. I thought they were somewhat comfier than my HE-6 due to the headband and lighter weight, except the cups were too long and pressed on the edge of my jaw.


People have attempted to transplant the HE-6 onto the 560 headband before, but the mounting holes are a different size so that would require drilling out the HE-6 cup which would not be an easy task. The simpler method (maybe??) would be to transplant the driver entirely into a different frame, though I'm not sure if anyone has done so.


Many people simply create a suspension headband for the HE-6 though. The ghetto version is some cardboard and elastic bands, but a bit of stitching and spare materials can make some decent ones. Myself I made them from an old leather belt and hair elastics. This guy was selling premade ones for a while though I don't know if he still does:



You've actually got a fairly large room. Is this going to be a desk/nearfield situation or will you be sitting further back like watching movies or something?

Do you want focused sound or room filling?

Do you have space for speaker stands? How close to the wall will you place them?

How big can you go?

Willing to add a sub?


Hmm a speaker that you've maybe never heard of would be the Vanatoo. Very very good reviews and they employ DSP tricks to fill out the room.

I've heard good things about the Emotiva powered monitors.

Not powered, but Veloman has the KEF LS50's which are awesome speakers.

Bryston has a powered speaker coming out soon too.

Certain large single box speakers might be worth a look too, depending on application.

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Anyone else interested in a meet? Between Armaegis and myself, August 4,7,8,or 9 seem to be good dates? Viper(sp), you still reading this thread? I'm sure you've got something that would interest the group.

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The 7th would work best for me.
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I'd like to attend one of these to observe.  

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