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Winnipeg meets' thread (Ongoing) - Page 159

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I've technically been upsizing and picking up more PA gear recently. Now what am I going to do with these 90 lb speakers? Not to mention the rack of Bryston amps that literally can't pick up.

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Originally Posted by Armaegis View Post

We need to organize another meet with all the new toys you guys have been getting!

And it only gets better.;)

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Spritzer is having a moving sale at Mjölnir-Audio. 15% off and free worldwide shipping.  http://www.mjolnir-audio.com/sample-page-2/ 

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Anyone have an OTL amp I can A/B against my audio-gd amp with my HD800? Crack w/ speedball, or vali?

Or any other amp really lol

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Originally Posted by Velomane View Post

And it only gets better.;)


You got a new toy!!

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Indeed. It showed up Friday. You'll have to search my posts or watch for my avatar to change.

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Does anyone here have a spare usb-otg cable? I want to try using a dac with my android phone (Samsung).

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Yup i have one - it worked when i tried to connect my Nexus 4 to my Aune T1 amp/dac


Oh wait you want a spare..nm

I think i just got it from amazon for a few bucks

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I only have one, also. sorry.

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Hey guys, I spotted this on CAM: http://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649254539-sennheser-hd-580-headphones/

For anyone looking to get into the Senn HD6xx sound, this is absolutely the best way and the price is fantastic. I would jump on that if I didn't already have the 650.

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I just gave back the HD600s that Velo let me borrow - they sound very good...like almost have me thinking about selling the 800s and slumming it with the 600s. Soundstage isnt as good, and bass extension isnt quite there..or the bass quality...but still ...performance:dollar its very good

Dang i wish i listened to them more - especially comparing them to the 400i 


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Yeah, I listened to them when I got home. Agreed, they're remarkedly good value.

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Wow that listing sold already. I hope one of you boys snatched it up.

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Here's another interesting one for someone looking for a nice intro portable rig...



The Cowon is showing its age these days, but it was a top player in its time and is still competitive (and daps these days are getting stupid expensive). The Senn PX-100 is a fantastic portable headphone, and the mk1 hardcase is vastly superior to the mk2's wimpy bag.

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Hey guys, I've got the HE-X loaner unit for the next week. If anyone wants to come take a listen, let me know soon!

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