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I'm just plunking some thoughts down from today's visit to Advance. Velomane and I were there speaking with a rep from Simaudio checking out the Moon Neo 430HA.


I wound up spending an extra hour there chatting with the Audioquest guy as well, plus checking out other gear.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
JPS Abyss
- very low extension, better than HE-6
- but doesn't feel like it has the same definition in the bass
- upper end - airy - fast

Audioquest Nighthawk
- slightly murky, doesn't have impact but is ok
- sloped down treble
- crinkle left driver
- slight midrange suckouts... 2kHz? another smaller one higher up 4-5kHz
- broken rubber suspension
- but otherwise very comfortable, very nice pads, good shape, and suspension works though could be a smidge wider/softer

Audioquest Dragonfly 1.2
- nice toy, seemed good, but too unfamiliar with the headphone and music

Audioquest Doodlebug
- in-line usb power filter
- I think it improved treble very very slightly? too much background noise to be certain

Moon Neo 430HA
- very smooth bottom end and upper as well
- upper maybe tiny bit bright but not etched
- far better than HA-1
- no digital hash
- easily enough power for HE-6 and Abyss
- soundstage seems well balanced, rounded shape/feel

NAD D3020
- punchy bass, slightly bright treble
- really good impact, very visceral
- kinda U shaped
- good energy throughout
- slow volume control
- only digital inputs is limiting
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The nighthawk sounds like a real disappointment. I gotta get down there one of these days and check out the Abysse. I'll try not to fall in. 

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Originally Posted by SennheiserMiser View Post

Hey Nathan (and q2klepto), I've been lurking for the last year or so. I read every post, but feel a bit out gunned by the talk of all the HD-800s, HE-6s, Bifrosts etc, with my measly Denons and ALOs. The kids are at an age that funds and attending the meets have been difficult. I hope I can make one of the next upcoming when they're scheduled though, it has been a long time since I've seen you guys. One question I have been wanting to ask is, I just got my first smartphone (I know, welcome to the 2000s) and was wondering if most folks wanting to connect an Apple Lightening to Audophile gear are having to use the grossly awkward, and expensive Apple Lightening to 30 pin, then a 30 pin to 3.5 stereo to access the analog out to input into an amp? Or are there any DYI options? Back to lurking.....


Centrance recently had a Indiegogo crowd funding campaign involving an amp/DAC that slides onto your iPhone and looks like a protective iPhone case. Its a bit on the pricey side but you wouldn't be tethered to having to lug around a 2 or 3 piece mobile stack nor would you have to use the connection kit. Also, V-Moda also has a mobile amp/DAC add on that works with an iPhone, the Verza, that also looks like an iPhone protective case.

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Originally Posted by DigitalFreak View Post

The nighthawk sounds like a real disappointment. I gotta get down there one of these days and check out the Abysse. I'll try not to fall in. 


All things considered I though the Nighthawk was actually nice. The pieces are all modular so they can be fixed/replaced if need be. At $600usd (700cad) it's pricey, but I think sounds a bit better than the crowded $300-400 market segment and it definitely has a very nice build quality (that broken rubber piece notwithstanding). I think it's a pretty good first headphone for a company that hasn't made any before, and they're choosing to enter a market segment that isn't as crowded, but unfortunately beyond the reach of the common consumer.


If you want to try the Abyss, it was personally brought in by the Simaudio guy, so you'll have to get down there tomorrow afternoon before he leaves.

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