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Originally Posted by Armaegis View Post


And more house woes crop up and I'm another 1.5k in the hole...

Sorry to hear that. What is it this time?

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Ok cool. Thanks for the info

Edit: Was supposed to be a response to Armaegis. Not going to bother fixing it from my phone lol

Alright, ordered the Schiit Bifrost Uber /w USB 2. Should have all my new gear by the end of the month smily_headphones1.gif
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Hey Guys,

I am going to a balanced system. I have a lyr and bifrost with USB for sale. This is a lyr 1 and regular bifrost. They have not been turned on in over a year. $700.00 takes them, as I am going to get back in the hobby, and want to go bakanced. And that's delivered within 50 miles of Winnipeg.
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Good luck with the sale. I listed my Bifrost (USB and Uber) on CAM, and within an hour, I had five emails of interest, three in town here.

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Guess I should have waited a little longer before buying my Bifrost! haha





Are there any plans for a meet in the near future?


I'd really like to try out some amps to see if/how the sound changes with my Bifrost. I understand how and why a DAC is going to improve my music but still can't wrap my head around how a amp can improve the sound. (Exceptions being under/over driven)


In the future when I do end up with higher impedance headphones an upgrade will definitely make sense then, I'm just not so sure now.

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Nothing in the immediate future, but I'd be willing to plan one if you guys have any timeline in mind.

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May or later for me. April is going to be a busy busy month (potentially). Moving to Portage la Prairie first week of April for my new job. Hoping they'll let me take my vacation to Vegas I have planned for my birthday April 16 - 20 haha


Edit: Nvm they loaded this time.

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What is cam?

Head fi, I haven't got a response
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I actually took my ad for the lyr and bifrost off of head fi.
I really think I might just want to put them in my office.
If any winnipegfr wants them, I will do the 700 up until mar.25.
I ordered an oppo ha1, and that's when it arrives.
Once I pay for it, the schiit is still mine!, Lol
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Originally Posted by aqsw View Post

What is cam?

Head fi, I haven't got a response

Cam is Canuck Audio Mart. wink.gif
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FYI I have applied for the OPPO PM-3 Portable Planar Magnetic Headphones Loaner Program.

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Haha, I just signed up on that too. That'd be 4 Winnipeggers if we all get a turn :tongue:

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where do i sign up for this loaner program

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Originally Posted by DigitalFreak View Post

where do i sign up for this loaner program



Though you could probably have an in with your audio360 group.

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