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Winnipeg meets' thread (Ongoing) - Page 121

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Hi Nathan

Do you have a problem with the little screws on the headbans loosening up on your Hifiman phones? I have to tighten mine about every 2 weeks
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Nope, if anything mine are too stiff.

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Hey guys, I'm on the tour for the Hifman HE-560. I'll probably try to organize a quick meet when it comes, though I have no idea when that will be.

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Keep us posted Nathan, I'd be really interested in hearing the 560!
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Thanks Nathan. I need eight XLR inputs for my purposes. I think I'll be ordering a new DP 24 next week though.
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And now I've got a NAD HP50 and Etymotic ER4p in my hands. How does this even happen? I barely even use iems for goodness sake!

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Wow! This thread got huge! How often do you guys have these meets? 

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A couple times a year... but also just informal ones during the year as well. I'm on the Hifiman HE-560 tour so I'll probably plan another mini-meet around that when it arrives.

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Hey Iain (or anybody else), do you know where I can find boar meat in the city?

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Google will find you a CBC article about the 5 best butcher shops in the city. G.J. Andrews is specifically mentioned as having boar meat, but DeLuca's wouldn't be a surprise to me either.
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Thanks. Figured it wouldn't hurt to ask you since you're kinda in a related biz. I did find that article but haven't tried calling the buchers yet. I found another old page about a company called Off The Tusk selling boar meat, but they don't seem to be around anymore.

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I don't know any boar farmers. Eleanor wants to get a pig, but it will probably be a pet. smily_headphones1.gif
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Along with a pet spider named Charlotte? :cool:

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That would be one way to keep the in-laws at bay.

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