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Is it 48 steps in total, or 48 steps after the starting point? If the latter, it works out.

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Actually, I got a different response!


Hi Justin

I would recommend to write on the chassis the number of steps becouse there is not exactly 1 or 2 dB / step. Sometimes is 0,8dB , sometimes 1,2dB. Its not possible to achive exactly 1,00dB with the on market available resistors values. I think its also more clear. The last step should be 0dB (no attenuation).

Nice case.

Best regards

arek kallas
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Anyone into vintage Sony Discmen?  I just picked up a D-11 (made in Japan in 1990) on impulse after reading that some vintage audio nuts like them enough to buy them for more than what I paid.  It's too warm sounding for me - more mushy than analoguey, but maybe that's just because I was listening to fast metal.  If anyone wants to hear it I'll bring it next time I get to a meet.


Justin, I just noticed the DacMagic in your sig.  I'd love to take a listen to that sometime.

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No problem ^^ I'm enjoying it very much!

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So any firm dates for a meet in the PEG ??

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Tentatively set for September 5 (Sunday). Might either be at my place or Takaji's (south and north end of the city respectively, I believe)

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I just wanna say hi to start off with. I live south of Winnipeg and I talked to Armaegis and he told me about this possible meet. I am very new into head gear and have more of a background in 2 channel audio. I don't want to intrude but I would really like to be able to talk to other audiophiles as that doesn't happen to often. Can I come?

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I can bring a pair of Sennheiser HD438's, Klipsch S4 IEM's, and a Fiio E5. I have a cd player I can bring but I don't know if it would be used...

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The more important thing is to decide what to bring for the bbq

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Well just let me know what I should bring for food. Is sept 5th looking like its gonna stick?

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That's what we're at for now. Still a month away, so who knows if something will come up.

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lol who knows.  I gotta make sure I don't work on that day.  What time are we hold in?

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I'm talking with my parents about having it here, and so far it seems okay, but hasn't been solidified. Will let you guys know soon.

Is anyone open to the possibility of next week, even?


@ajm: I have a Tascam CD-01U Pro CD player that we could use, but if you have something, feel free to bring it.

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Next week Sunday (15th) is open for me.

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depends, if it's in the morning/early afternoon sure, but after 4pm I got work

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