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Winnipeg meets' thread (Ongoing) - Page 120

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I think HF2's used to go for around $400? I can't remember... although I suppose their rarity drives the price up.

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According to the Wikipedia page it was sold for $429.
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I think the existence of the PS500, and now the PS500e, has pretty much destroyed the resale value of the HF2. frown.gif
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Could explain why there aren't too many on the market, from what I'm seeing at least.
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There were only ~550 ever made, again according to Wikipedia..and some of the last ones ~26 were "B" stock...The B-stock serial numbers began from #550 and went until #575.

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Those b-stocks were in 2010? Geez I thought it was more recent than that. People were grumbling at the time because they felt it diminished the exclusivity of the original run.

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I have no idea if anyone here does cycling as another hobby but, anyone want to trade for a bike for a turntable? 

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I'd love to help. I am a certified cycling nut. Unfortunately, my bikes are all keepers, and I have no need for a turntable. What kind of bike are you after?

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I also have other gear, like speakers and amplifiers/receivers, primarily vintage, though I still have a few headphone gear collecting dust.


I am just looking for a road bike in around the the 58cm frame size for the GF to ride around on.  TBH, I was thinking along the line of an earlier road bike as if someone were to steal it, it wouldn't be an issue or if she grows tired of it, haha.  Though, the body position may not be best, so a cruiser might be fine as well.  I guess either men or female frame would do the trick.


However, I wouldn't mind a bike with newer shifters as I am not fond of the old friction shifters.  I guess if I were to put a price point, would up to $300 be reasonable?  I have absolutely no clue on bike value.

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Seeing as there are *three* Yulong DA8's among us, have you guys taken a peek at the Oppo HA-1? Seems pretty similar...

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What Oppo piece was Bear talking about at the meet? Was it the HA-1?

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I'm not sure... maybe the PM-1 headphone?

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oppo 105D Darbee edition Blu ray player, I think is what we talked about, I have the 103, but the 105D has a dac and upgraded video processing.

Oh and maybe the PM-1 that I got to see but not listen to at CanJam last year.

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They also seem to have a new Headphone amp/DAC/Pre amp and a soon to come out a new planer magnetic headphone which I am interested in having a listen to   I wonder if they'd send s sample pair for us to listen to



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The PM-1 planar headphone has gotten a really mixed bag of reviews. General impressions I've read say it's not bad, but not worth the huge price tag. There's supposed to be a PM-2 coming out at a much lower price though.

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