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They'd still be cool if you could find them. They're pretty rare these days.

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Originally Posted by Armaegis View Post
Velomane, if you could bring your DA8 then I'd like to hook that up to my monoblocks at some point. Can the drivers be installed without having the DA8 plugged in?


Okay, I will bring the DA8 and a crappy power bar. As for drivers, I can't recall if the unit needed to be plugged in. Here's a link to the drivers:

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OK. here's my list:



HD800 w/Q French silk

HE500 w/jergulor

HD650 (:veryevil: heh heh heh)


iGrado (just cuz)

Stax Lambda Normal Bias




UE7 Pro


Desktop Amps:


Asgard 2


Woo Wee energizer





Portable Amps:











clip zip

hippo biscuit

Studio V 3rd


A crap load of other misc stuff... (stands, power cables, interconnects, tubes, etc., etc.) good thing I have a Tahoe...:biggrin:


Let me know if there is anything I missed that someone wants to hear.

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Hrmm I just noticed the meet is at 3pm, that might be tight for me.  I may not be able to make it.

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People are welcome to arrive early. I believe Steve is coming at 2pm.

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I will come earlier as well, I am already in the area.
Be aware the University area is a mess of road closures due to the Manitoba Marathon being held there today and U Crescent is closed to traffic till about 2 pm.

(terrible weather to be running a marathon! )
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How do you get to the meet then?

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Dalhousie the only way from Pembina?

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Dalhousie or Killarney off Pembina.


I'll be home in roughly half an hour.

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Yep, the traffic is pretty bad. the streets are also filling with water. A little narrow in spots. I've already scared a rew of the more timid drivers with my Texas driving style..biggrin.gif

I"ll be back by there after i find a store for some snacks. popcorn.gif
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It was great meeting everyone today. I wish I'd had the time to pick everyone's brain about our hobby as I have so much to learn. Alas, time was conspiring against me. Special thanks to Armaegis for organizing it and having us over. bearFNF, that was an amazing load of gear you brought over, thanks so much. I hope we can all get together again sometime to do it all over.



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I gotta remember to sit down more and listen to gear... ah but such is the life of playing host. Big thanks to everyone who came out. The amount of gear is getting quite impressive... something amusing about all that gear in my ghetto garage while it's raining outside. (I should have taken a picture of all my zombie apocalypse survival gear on the wall, haha)





in front: Woo WA6SE, which unfortunately I didn't really get a chance to really listen too



left: Yulong DA8 and... A28?

middle: another DA8 and Emotive Mini-X

right: Rega dac


headphones visible: Senn HD800, Grado PS500, HE-6, AKG K612, cheapo Brainwavs HM3



middle stack: Schiit Bifrost Asgard 2, Bifrost, Vali next to it

right: Decware Taboo



left: Darkvoice 336SE

middle: Stax lambda? something... I don't remember the number



And I just realized I forgot to take a picture of my setup on the third wall with the HE-6 and Nuforce monoblocks. Oh well.

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darkvoice 336se

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Hey Viper, funny thing is I got that weird buzzing with Velo's DA8 into my monoblocks. Very similar to when we had that issue with yours, except slightly more isolated. The buzzing was on both channels, but only when the volume was maxed on both the monoblocks. If I turned down either mono, the buzzing disappeared on both. Very very strange. I fiddled with the various knobs and then suddenly it was all clear. I have no idea what this could be... best guess is it it just a coincidental reaction between the components and cables. If I had to make a more far-fetched guess, I would think maybe the shield in the xlr cables were picking up interference somehow, but that doesn't explain how fiddling with the pots on the amp end would change things since those xlr cables only have the shield connected at the source end. Furthermore, I never had this issue when I had the Wadia dac. Very very strange.

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The meet was awesome, thanks Nathan for arranging and hosting!  I will look forward to the next one  ;)

It was great to meet everyone there and put names/faces to the forum nicknames I see on here!  And the huge amounts of great gear to try out was amazing!


Nathan that intermittent problem is quite puzzling!  Maybe it's something inherent in the DA8 that doesn't quite get along with the mono blocks.   Next time we should try switching out cables and see what happens!  :P

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