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Winnipeg meets' thread (Ongoing) - Page 2

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I've got a friend at university who'd be interested as well. There's also Takaji if anyone's contacted him yet.
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Heyas all,

I'd be interested, but I'm afraid I don't have much gear to share. My list:

Grado HF-2
LiveWires (can't really share those :/)
iBasso D2-Boa
Millett MAX (still working on the case!)
PIMETA v2 (sans case)
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lol Takaji, those HF-2 I want to listen to those so badly!
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They were SO worth it! I recently sold my SR-325is because I couldn't put down the HF-2s =D
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Haha, ill bet. So, when should we host a meet?
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Well I'll be away for most of February... and I'm pretty busy in school these days, as I assume Armaegis is too... perhaps it might be best to wait until after April?
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My schedule is pretty wonky too (I've got a PhD candidacy exam coming up in March/April), but if we're just meeting for a few hours I'm sure I can fit it in somewhere. A Sunday afternoon probably works best for me.
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April sounds good, lol at least there will be no snow! And, maybe we can get more members lol
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Originally Posted by mythless View Post
April sounds good, lol at least there will be no snow!
Shhhh, don't go an jinx it. Considering how late winter came, I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't warm up until June.
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Who knows. How do these small-time meets work; do we all just meet up at somebody's house?
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I've never been to one, but that's what I assumed it would be.
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lol guess we'll see when everyone is ready for one
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I wonder if anyone here has balanced headphones? Just curious since my sound card has balanced outputs, but I have no amp... though I suppose a pair of standard amps might work???
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Nope, I own nothing balanced. I have a CD player that has balanced outputs myself, but I don't have the cash atm to invest in anything.
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Wow, I had given up on a Winnipeg meet, but apparently too soon! I would be happy to bring all my gear (DT770 pro-80, DT990 250, Turbines, CX300, PA2V2 and Compass with the three opamps. Nothing balanced here either.

As far as meets I've been to, the one meet I attended was out in Calgary where we rented a meeting room from the library and set all our stuff up there. The important thing is having it somewhere where you 1) have enough places to put stuff and 2) have enough electrical outlets to plug things into. That said, if there is a house that fits these requirements I'm happy to do it there since it would save a bit of money and there are no time limits. April sounds good to me too as long as its not on the 26th.

As far as other people's equipment, this looks pretty exciting so far! I've been wanting to try the SRH-840, ATH-ES7, RX-900, HFI-580, and of course the HF-2 for a long time, so any and all of this gear looks good to me!
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