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So are we meeting Tuesday?

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Hey Nathan if you are hosting on Tuesday let me know. I can probably swing by after work and quickly drop off that mp3 player you wanted

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Yeah if people are stll interested, let's say 7pm. Address below:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
318 Lindenwood Drive West
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I give it 95% odds that I'll be there.  Things have been hectic, and I was not able to grab my Millett MAX before heading out the door at 6 this morning.  I do have my HD600 and uDac 1 though, as usual.

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I saw these on kijiji...

decent prices for a Beyer DT770 pro80 and Shure SE535

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After reading through about 25 pages of hype on the new K812's I'm starting to get a bit nervous for my wallet. I thought I had settled on the K702's but if I can afford it I might seriously look into getting the K812's. Anyone else considering these?

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Aren't they clocking in around the same price of an HD800? Too rich for me to try without hearing one first.

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yeah looks like it will, I'm hoping for the off chance that a store here will one so I can test it

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Creative doesn't carry any AKG's. I don't think Brian Reimer does either. Advance does, but who knows if they'll get it. Long & McQuade might actually carry them, but I doubt they'll have them in stock to try out so you'd have to special order them.

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I wouldn't buy anything that pricey without hearing it first - you know how the hype machine works around here.  On the upside, you could probably sell them quickly if you bought and didn't like.


Speaking of selling, is anyone interested in my original uDac?  I think it sounds great for what it is, but I'm probably going to get a USB recording interface that will make it redundant.  How about $50 for a local sale?

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I'll trade you a small bottle of Ukrainian whiskey :p

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Hey, you've got two custom titles now?  Nathan, you need to get outside more...


edit: Ukrainian whiskey?  What's that, homebrew vodka mixed with Labatt Lite?

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Yeah I made a joke on one of the Schiit threads and I guess one of the mods decided to integrate it into my title.


I don't even know what the bottle is. One of my friends (who is Ukrainian) brought it back as a present when he went to visit his homeland. It could be whiskey, it could be scotch, I don't know. I don't drink... all I can tell you is it's somewhat brown in colour. I can't read anything on the label, other than 40% :tongue:

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I think I'm off my headphone buying spree for awhile considering I've plunked down over 1100 in the last 4 months on the Paradox and Alpha Dog. I like what I'm reading concerning the new AKG flagship and all I can say is if all the hype is true then all I can say is................ IT'S ABOUT FREAKING TIME AKG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Nathan, I'm buying a WA7 amp:rolleyes:

(I still blame you for all this wallet crushing hardship)


Check it out guys, my latest article. Not a bad modern mainstream metal CD at all

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And now there's the Paradox Slant, and I'm rather intrigued by the Code-X...


Oh a WA7 eh? Where are you getting it from? I haven't read too much on the Fireflies. What made you choose it?

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