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Actually, the XB500's are doing just fine! They're being used daily by my brother and sometimes me whenever I get to have a chance.

I have a problem with two of my headphones, one is the koss DJ100 and the other is an IEM which is the head direct RE-0. 

The RE-0's problem (I think) is the left cable isn't making good contact to the driver as I can push the cable up into the housing and produce sound.There aren't any noticeable kinks on the cable near the grommets, the right cable seems to work fine. I could probably re use the cable again however was wondering if there is another cheap alternative for a new cable that's more reliable. The RE-0's are my priority to fix since they're my only go to portable that I love to use.

The DJ100's problem is there's no audible sound coming through the drivers unless I keep shifting the plug around the jack until it sort of hits the sweet spot. It's more of annoyance if anything since I cant use it unless I am completely stationary. There also doesn't seem to be any noticeable kinks in the cable near the plug as well.

Thanks for the all help. biggrin.gif

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With the DJ100, it might be a full break on both channels (or even all three). The most likely fix is to reterminate the plug (use a multimeter to determine which wires are which). 


The RE-0 will be trickier. It could either be a wire break or a disconnect at the driver (more likely the former). The fix is basically the same, but the problem is finding a way to open the iem housing without breaking it. 

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NCIX has a bunch of Sennheisers on sale right now.

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Those are some pretty nice prices there... I'm tempted to pick up another PX100-ii. The PC360 is a pretty good buy considering it's essentially an HD595 with a mic. 

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Anyone know if the 558 sounds any good? Doesn't seem to be a lot of keystrokes on the net involving that headphone.

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I've had the HD 555 and 595 at some point. From all that I've read, the 558/598 aren't that far off. 


The 555 becomes the 595 by removing a small piece of foam in the cups. The 558 apparently can undergo similar treatment but there's still a marginal difference in the cups somewhere (or possibly the driver). 


Considering that the PC360 is actually cheaper than the 558, I'd just grab the PC360 and find a way to remove the mic.

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They're heeeerrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee



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... and you're already planning your next purchase aren't you? lol...

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P.S.  We doing a meet anytime soon?  Maybe when it cools off a little?

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Originally Posted by Armaegis View Post

... and you're already planning your next purchase aren't you? lol...

Planning ????? I surpassed the plan stage hours ago

BURP (Click to show)

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That looks interesting.  not a bad price either.

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I'm hoping I finally found my DAP that incorporated good UI with great sound.
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I was waiting on the Fiio x5, but this looks nice, too. 

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Hey there guys so I'm still looking around to order some materials to start repairing my cans and I'm really clueless about this stuff. 
Could you guys tell me if any of these cables would work? o.o;

(plus is there much of a difference of silver plated copper vs regular occ copper?)

I've tried to read some guides on how to make cables however I never got a good look at the cable they're using and can't tell what they're talking about until I actually have a cable in my hands to see and relate.. ><

Also how does this jack look?

(If you guys know any other places to get stuff cheap online, let me know!
I might be picking beef with people who strongly advise to use reputable resources but I'd like to experiment tongue.gif)

I've been strapped for cash lately and I just had enough to order a soldering station and it's on its way here now so I thought I should really brush up my knowledge before I actually get my hands on it and start messing around.
Rather than just doing a quick repair and be done with it, I'd really like to start modding.^^
However it'll really be my first time with working on the internal of cans.. and using a soldering iron.
Also please let me know if any of you guys have some spare tools that I could buy that would be useful for my endeavors!


Thanks again,

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I have no experience ordering from aliexpress, so I can't comment on their quality or authenticity. They seem ok...


What soldering station did you get? I hope you at least got a half-decent one. Some good solder and flux is also a must. Oh and don't get cheap wire strippers. Once you've got your stuff in I'd be willing to help out and show you the basics of soldering.

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