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Anyone into speakers should drive to Beausejour, check these out, and report back.  Looks like a good price.

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I just noticed Takaji selling a bunch of stuff on kijiji too:

that big balanced Khozmo stepped attenuator is pretty... 

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Hey guys, two nights ago I traded away my Ortofon e-Q7 IEM's for an ifi ICAN amp.

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Ooh, interesting. I've seem some hype around that product line, though haven't really read into it. 

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Once I get the iCAN (Margaret) in and I have some time off work let's set something up and I'll bring Margaret over so you can have a listen.

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My article on the SM64 went live today on CYMBACAVUM.



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AKG K142HD for a good price... (well, on par with American pricing anyways)

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Hey there everybody, it seems like you guys know quite a lot about modding headphones and what not so I'd like to ask for some help.

Recently my earphones and headphones have stopped working due to cable issues, why I'm assuming it's the cable is because it'll produce a working sound if I move the cable in such a way that I have to hold to keep it working.
I was thinking of learning how to make my own audio cable and re-cabling them. Problem is, I don't have the slightest clue as to which cable I'm supposed to buy and what I'm supposed to do with it before I can solder it on. Even then it's going to be another thing I'm going to learn, but I'll do things one step at a time.

What I'd like to know is, does anybody know where I could get a nice cable and plug locally? 

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You used to be able to get cheap plugs and such from radio shack/the source, but they don't carry components anymore. The only places that I know of now are Active Electronics or Tip Top Electronics (both in the St. James area).


Any type of cable should work as long as it is flexible and has the required number of conductors. Unfortunately, even with such minimal requirements they aren't the easiest to find here. Microphone cable is the only one I've seen that will have three conductors (well, two conductors and a shield) of a reasonably thin gauge. Everything else is speaker wire and/or too thick for headphone use unless you're going for the big bulky look (which is fine too, but no good for portable). Oftentimes it's just easier/cheaper to buy a premade cable (and reterminate the ends of necessary).


What headphone do you have, and where is the cable broken?

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Can you just use the existing cable? just cut, strip, and  re-solder it to the phones? Or do you want to upgrade them a the same time?

There are some youtube vids on how to do the cables, don't have the links anymore but a quick search should get you some ideas.

Search for "repairing headphone cables" and a lot come up.

Here's one:

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Yeah, working with the original wire is usually easiest. Potential hiccup is if the wires are enamelled, which can be a real pain to work with. I've only ever had luck burning off the enamel with a really hot solder blob.

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It might be a little trickier then that. Phrozen bought my old XB500 awhile back. If that's the headphone he's talking about the cables are flat and the way the cable feeds into the housing would probably be a pain in the butt to pull out and then refeed into the housing.

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