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Just noticed this on kijiji.  It's the supposed "audiophile" SCPH-1001 version of the Playstation 1.  I have one, and it sounds quite good.


Not that any of you kids listen to CDs anymore though.  tongue.gif

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Hmm, seems to be someone selling out of a dorm on campus. I saw one at a thrift shop the other day for around the same price and was kinda thinking of getting it to play around with. 

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What's supposed to be so special about that PS1?  I have that model in a cupboard along with a PS2.  Just curious.

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A long time ago there was some hype about how they were better than high end cd players and people starting modding them. As with all things audio though, it becomes difficult to filter out the hype. I think it was really the novelty factor which was driving the hype. Still, it's a fun thing to try if you have one lying around. 

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Well it's doing nothing where it sits now so maybe I'll try it when I'm bored.  biggrin.gif

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Wow, so some guy just offered me a trade of his Beats Pro plus a bit of cash for my HE-6... good deal right? rolleyes.gif

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How much is a "bit of cash?"  :D

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Unspecified. It was "some money"...



Still interested in the BEATS PRO?

I have one that kept in mint condition..I'd say 9 out of 10.

I am actually very interested in your HE-6...

So I could add some more money plus the Beats pro for swapping of the HE6


Oh man, mint condition guys!

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Originally Posted by Armaegis View Post

Unspecified. It was "some money"...



Oh man, mint condition guys!

woah, that guy most not realize what he has, take the deal and run! hahaha

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How about retail for the HE6 with a promise to dispose of the Beats?  biggrin.gif

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Well I suppose if I ever go boating, I could use it as an anchor or something rolleyes.gif


Although I've actually been looking for a cheap shell (from a fake) so I could transplant some drivers into... 

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Now what is that experiment all about?  

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It's been a backburner idea to shove some ortho drivers into a Beats and maybe a small amp into one of the cups (like the Studio version, removing the ANC circuit for a proper amp, and using the existing battery compartment)

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Ambitious!  Well your title is well deserved.  bigsmile_face.gif

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So after you stopped rolling around on the floor laughing did you bother to answer his proposition?

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