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Winnipeg meets' thread (Ongoing) - Page 10

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Another meet so soon?  Clearly, you can tell I haven't been on the forum for quite some time.

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Well if there's more interest... so far its just the couple of us.

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I don't think I'll have time for meets anytime soon, as I'm taking on a new work project and I've written myself up a big to-do list (which includes designing my PIMETA case, finishing the Millett case, and also designing an attenuator circuit....)


August would be better for me, I think.

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I would be interested depending what gear is brought.  Personally, I kinda want to compare the pico slim with other portable amps.

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Well let's push it back a bit, since I think one week is too short notice for some people. Should I just pick some random weekend in August and see if that works for people?

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I know for sure that I can't do the 11th, and I doubt that HeadCred will be able to either as we will both be out at Folk Fest which ends some time after midnight on the 11th.  If we want to set something up so that HeadCred can get in on it, we'd probably have to have it on the 12th or something. 

Also, I work until 4 at the earliest, so anything before 5:30 or 6 - ish will be too early for me. 

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You guys have fun.  This summer is shaping up to be waaaay to busy for me to get to Winnipeg.  Hopefully I'll see you in the fall for the next one.

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Ah, yeah I don't wear glasses with any cans, find it unbearable.


Hmm, could we aim for the 12th. Theres a much higher chance I'll be in Winnipeg then but still no guarantee.

August is such a busy month for me lol

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Well I mentioned a couple pages back about shooting for September or early October. Anything around that time stick out for people?

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Set a date for Sunday, September 5th? Weather will still be good enough for a BBQ and its far enough away that we could all plan for it.

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Works for me. I'll tentatively offer my place again.

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I'd like to offer my place if I could actually, since I've got a great deck for it!

But we'll see... totally not sure on that yet. I could run it by my parents and see.

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My attenuator finally arrived. Some pics:

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Wow, that's beefy.

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^ Holy moley.


Looks now like I'll be in Alberta till Sept. 8th at least, but don't reschedule the meet on my account.  Living 3 hours out of town and having little kids, there's never any guarantee I'll make it anyway.

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