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Yeah, I was kinda puttering around and cooking/chatting with folks, so I didn't really get a chance to try out those amps either. *shrug* it's just as well, since I don't need to go fueling my desire to buy more toys. I was pretty good at not shopping for new toys for several months, and after the meet I started looking things up online again and browsing the sale forum. D'oh!


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Edit: Is the Titanium Grey RX8 in background anyones? ^_^



Geez, you can tell just from the tiny side shot? That would belong to Mythless (or his brother, I'm not sure)


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I'm sad you missed it too, Awah - I was looking forward to hearing your Pico next to my uDac.  There's always next time...

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The meet was really fun, and it was interesting to hear some of the 'phones I've heard so much about!  I was quite impressed with the Grado HF2, but also quite liked the SR-80.  I enjoyed comparing the DT770 to the SRH-840, and was shocked by how nice the PX100 are for the price and size!  The biggest revelation for me was when I heard the HD600s and really liked them.  After having tried the HD650 at another meet and finding nothing in them that I really enjoyed, I expected the 600s to be quite similar, but was pleasantly surprised! 


The best part of the meet IMHO was the social aspect.  It was really cool to meet some of the other local head-fiers and to put more faces and names to the screen names here!  Special thanks to Nathan for hosting the event and doing all the grill work!


I really enjoyed this meet and am looking forward to another one in the future (maybe as soon as next year?)!

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Geez, a whole year away? We could aim for late fall or something.

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Late fall could work. All I know for certain is my August is very busy.

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How about September/October?

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Hope you guys are enjoying the long weekend. Anyhow, I remember someone was talking/thinking about getting the K1000... I just saw this post in the sale section (in Canada as well):

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I'm really uncertain how busy I'll be in late fall, I'll have a better answer as it draws nearer. :P Rather enjoying the sound of the Phiaton MS400's. Got them just in time for my flight to Calgary so was able to try them on the plane and busy terminals etc


Showed quite a bit of the RX8. Easy for me to recognize as I drive mine every day

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I was thinking of buying the K1000s... but I realized that I don't need to spend that much on headphones... yet! Thanks for the link though!

It's kind of odd that the seller wants MORE money to ship it to Canada... lame.

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Guh, and I just ordered another two headphones today. Man, I should really look into getting a proper amp. Tradesies anyone?

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I'll trade you my PA2v2 for your SR 80s... 

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Ugh, considering how much it cost to buy the SR80's new here...

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For random interests' sake, look what I found for sale today...

Even at that price it's a little rich for my blood, but maybe one of you guys would be interested.

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If you'll notice my signature, I've bought a few new toys already ^^

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DacMagic and MR8?

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