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Hello guys been awhile but I have acquired a set of tune, by Starke. And will be upgrading the arrow amp. In March. Looking forward to the new model.. hope all us good with everyone
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Should have read a set of in ear tunz, by Starke really like them
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Cool. I haven't heard of Starkey before, but glad to see you're still around.

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Originally Posted by Armaegis View Post


Do you currently have one? I'd be interested in hearing it. Or if you don't have one but are considering getting one, I might be interested in ordering a second and splitting shipping costs. (depends on how much damage getting my washer fixed/replaced will do to my wallet)


No sorry, just contemplating one for myself. But I just bought some new office speakers yesterday, so the renewed budget for DIY goodies has just evaporated......:o

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An back again, sorry guys I've just been that busy. I've yet to hear anything fron Oppo Nathan. I don't know, my gut tells me I'm not missing much when Oppo is involved. Hey Nathan, you ever consider building a Garage1217 amp? They're not bad little amps and I'm guessing you'd enjoy doing a build


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I actually quite like the Oppo stuff. I think the PM2 offers good value in its price bracket. I've mentioned this several times before: while the PM-2 lags behind in terms of sonic capabilities, it trounces the the Hifiman and Audeze series for build quality, comfort, and sensitivity. I've set to see any other planar that can actually be driven from my Sansa Clip+, and that's impressive. There's a lot to be said for a headphone that makes me want to do away with the giant stack of gear feeding it. I'm very eager to hear more about the PM3 which is closed back and comes in at $400. If (big if) it maintains the sonic qualities of its predecessors without going all wonky due to the closed cups, I think they'll have a winner.


I've heard good things about the Project Ember amp. I've considered it actually, but exchange rates suck right now which kills any across-the-border purchases. There was a good sale on the Bottlehead Mainline just the past weekend too, but sadly had to let it pass. I haven't scratched my DIY itch in a good while aside from some mods. My monoblocks are still out of commission (Velomane has very kindly lent me a replacement for the time being) and I haven't even heard back from my repair guy yet on estimates to fix them. Blech, and plus a few recent house repairs and appliance replacements have put a clamp on the wallet in the last few months.


I've been trading through a few new headphones lately, so that'll have to hold my curiosity for now and keeps my wallet on hold. New in my collection is a Philips Fidelio X2, V-Moda XS, and Celsus Sound Gramo One.


p.s. we gotta get you a better microphone for your videos, or at least a wind sock/screen

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If anyone's looking for an LCD3, here's one at a good Canadian price especially considering the exchange rate:

(rumour has it the non-fazor versions may in fact sound better)

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Anyone here interested in a Senn HD558? I have a friend who needs grocery money and would sell for $75 CAD.

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