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Damn sorry I couldnt make the meet - Holiday season shopping madness got to me.  


Wouldve loved to hear the HD800s/HE6's vs my 400i.  As well as trying some decent amps. I sold my emotiva x-mini and Logitech UE6000s.  


I suppose my NVX PT100s mightve been useful for ppl looking to get good quality cheap cans. 

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Originally Posted by DigitalFreak View Post

She sounds really nice Nathan.


I'm curious to see the internals. A low voltage 12AU7 input buffer into mosfet follower seems pretty straight forward. I'm surprised the output specs aren't higher as most mosfets should be able to sink more than that even when biased into class A.


The indiegogo prices seem good for what it is on paper (not too crazy about all those extra "perks" though; the power amps are ICEpower which is nothing new, and the power conditioner is odd when they really should have developed a linear power supply for the amps instead of a mains filter which is less effective for the money)

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Figure I should make my 10,000th post here at home. Sheesh I've been at this too much.

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Originally Posted by Armaegis View Post

Figure I should make my 10,000th post here at home. Sheesh I've been at this too much.


:O 10k! congrats!
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Impressive milestone! Now try not to think of all the things you didn't do while on HF! :P
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Oh my thesis comes to mind... :ph34r:

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Get to work, Nathan!  :veryevil:

Or are you a grad school dropout like me now?


Anyway, hey, does anyone have a budget usb dac/amp they'd consider selling?  My dad just borrowed my uDac, and he has apparently seen the light, if the hyperbolic email I just got from him is any indication.  He won't want anything expensive - his headphones are HD424s from the early 80s, and since I can't see him upgrading those he won't want to spend more than a hundred on a dac.

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You could always pick up something like this...

I like my FiiO E7, it's nothing too special but it does the job and FiiO's price point is decent.

Not sure what local Vision's FiiO stock is like, I got burned buying too much US B-stock and grey-stock from them in the past that I avoid them but they've cleaned up their act lately.


edit: oops, shoulda posted the the E07k, the E11 isn't a DAC

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If going with FiiO, then the e10k is the closest analogue to the uDac and is cheaper than the e07k.


Will this be for computer/usb only? Or will he want other inputs? I may have an option or two lying around.

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I think he'd like to have analog in as well as usb, but I'm not positive.  I can always give him my old cmoy if he wants a dedicated amp.  I'd be interested to know what you have kicking around.

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Here are some interesting options to set up a portable network/music server...


Viper's setup with the Logitech Squeezebox and Apple Airport Express kinda planted the idea in my head. Just looking at alternative ways to create something like that.



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Looks like the Oppo PM-1 review unit is finally on its way to me and should arrive by the end of the month.

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Completely forgot that I subscribed to this thread, as I haven't visited Head-Fi for many, many months. Should get back into it now that I am settled down here......

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Glad to see you here man. Gotta come out and hobnob with the riffraff :rolleyes:

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