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If anyone wants to hear the Hifiman HE-560 or FiiO X1, get in touch with me before the weekend. These go out to the next reviewer on Saturday.

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Hi Nathan


I was out of town last week so I was unable to make the last meet on the weekend, did many people show. Have you liked the 560? They are something I think I would look at if I were to replace mine. Next time there is a gathering I'll bring the k550's,   I never used them but if you get the right seal they sound pretty good, I tried a little mod that made them fit a little better. I've haven't had one bit of interest on the Shure 315s, I was hoping to be able to sell them.



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No, I think everyone was just too busy over the long weekend.


So far I'm liking the 560's. Performance wise I think they do better than the HE-500 but don't quite surpass the HE-6, though I could easily see someone's personal preference in choosing the 560.


They're still a mildly bright headphone, but in a more focused way whereas the HE-6 is a little more broadband in the brightness. My mods on the HE-6 bring the overall treble level down to where I like it. I'm having a hard time leveling the treble in the 560 without making it feel muted in places. The HE-6 also hits deeper in the subbass, while the 560 has more energy in the midbass.


Comfortwise, easy easy nod for the 560 with the exception of the higher clamp (which could be alleviated by stretching the headband). The new suspension headband is a vast improvement over the old design.

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Saw this on kijiji if anyone's looking for a cheap dap...


I'm kinda tempted to pick it up myself since my Sansas are getting old.

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Hey all, selling some gear if your interested:

Denon D2000 Closed headphones $280
Cowon J3 32gb DAP $180






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