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The PM-1 planar headphone has gotten a really mixed bag of reviews. General impressions I've read say it's not bad, but not worth the huge price tag. There's supposed to be a PM-2 coming out at a much lower price though.

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Hi Nathan

Do you have a problem with the little screws on the headbans loosening up on your Hifiman phones? I have to tighten mine about every 2 weeks
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Nope, if anything mine are too stiff.

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Hey guys, I'm on the tour for the Hifman HE-560. I'll probably try to organize a quick meet when it comes, though I have no idea when that will be.

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Keep us posted Nathan, I'd be really interested in hearing the 560!
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Thanks Nathan. I need eight XLR inputs for my purposes. I think I'll be ordering a new DP 24 next week though.
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