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Looks like a good time was had by all.  Anyone grab a group photo of the people?

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Sadly no. Everyone was too busy looking at all the gear (especially bear's).

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Heh, I always forget to take pictures of the people. Though we were all soggy and in poor lighting anyways :rolleyes:

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Yeah, I was afraid of the humidity and high voltage aspect of the day :blink:, but we got through with no casualties...oh except my iGrado's (cable to one earpiece went flaky after trying to strangle the HE500's), but it was on its way out anyway, I think.


Thanks to Nathan for the good burgers and for being such a good host. They were Lambda Normal Bias circa 198? something, bought new and still kickin'...:jecklinsmile:

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Thanks again for hosting Nathan, great time as always

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Oh geez I didn't even think about humidity and stax. Glad we didn't electrocute ourselves with wet hair or anything (if it would have happened to anyone, it would have been me since I was in and out the most).


Talk about all the things working against us yesterday. Rain rain rain, roads closed due to marathon, roads messed up due to construction, etc.

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Yep, an entire meet happened.


Who are you? Looks like you just went on a recent posting spree...

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Hmmmmm HF2's on CAM for $480...

Also Nathan, in case you need anything:
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Go for it! Bought a HE400 and I love them. Still looking for a denon, here's my wallet....

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Originally Posted by ajm View Post

Go for it! Bought a HE400 and I love them. Still looking for a denon, here's my wallet....


Man, you caught upgradeitis real bad tongue.gif
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True but I sold the LCD's and another headphone so I'll still have some change back if that makes a difference lol.

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So HF2? Or you could mod a lower end Grado.

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Oh, that was a quick turn around on the lcd's. Definitely considering it, I also want to buy some k12/k702 65 annie pads for my k702's. Apparently they make a huge different on the lower end.
Might do both if my k272's sell on kijiji.
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I wanted a more agressive sound and still have the mids and bass that the lcd's had and the he400 is bang on. Then you need to upgrade your amp, dac.....

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Surprised you didn't jump on a pair of Denon D5k's as well haha. Having to upgrade all the rest is a hassle, partly why I haven't bothered yet.
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