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Gonna toss my 2cents in that I absolutely love the 400i. I've only heard the 650 off a dragonfly, but I distinctly remember too much midbass for my tastes. I believe that the 400i really stands up for itself, even at full MSRP. And taking off the grills really does open up the small soundstage. I really need to get to doing the grill mod. I think the dt880 is very good, but because of the dry-sounding mids and the way everything sounds very distant, I'm not enjoying it as much as the 400i, so I'm probably gonna sell it.

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Agree on classical. The 880 is the best mid-tier headphone I've tried on classical, and I've just about tried them all (I owned the 650 for 3 years). Say what you will about the 880 on any other genre, but on classical it's a winner.

Dt880 can be impressive for symphonic and choral because of it's brighter nature and ability to make an impression of large soundstage. As impressive as it is, it is not really there with 400i and hd650 when it comes to transparency and naturalness of timbre. Chamber music sounds imho more realistic on Senn and Hifiman.
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