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Originally Posted by rovopio View Post

yeah, m100, momentum, fidelio x2, nad hp50, all share a common thing. i don't like them.

well i went to a mall, "oh hey, there's a new audio / cellphone store open" oh, i can try stuff out for 2 minutes each if i buy some stuff. so i bought some random IEM for $20 and proceeded to try a lot of stuff. not planned at all really.

the dt880 is the one i tried last before i went out from the store. I did not even have the slightest interest to try them out because, well i have the dt880 premium, and logic and reports tells me that it will sound the same.
Before i went out i was like, "oh what the hell, let's see how clampy this thing really is". Fired up my reference song, kablam!
"holy crap, this is not dry. this is not dry at all!!"
There is no dryness on the dt880 pro i've listen to.
Like you said, it's detailed, just a touch bright, and not lacking in air. but my premium is "oh so dry" while the pro is well, it's just neutral. Which is what i was looking for.
I don't believe in production variation from big companies like Beyerdynamic.
Unlike you know, hifiman for example.

It's soo dry that i don't think a cheap tube DAC (aune T1) will solve the problem. So i decided to begin finding another headphone that is going to replace my previous headphone before the dt880.
i like the dt880, and i don't know whether i'll sell them soon after or keep them for a while more.
But i've listen to them almost everyday now, maybe an hour a day... it's still dry.
i mean, my brain adjust to the dryness, but the vocals still sound lacking.

Honestly, if my dt880 premium sound like the dt880 pro i tried, i wouldn't be looking for another headphone now.

What you're experiencing is the mid-fi dilemma. The DT880, Hd650 AKGK701/702, all subjectively do certain things better than each other. The DT880 is possibly the most well rounded of the three for your listening tastes (dry, fast, analytical, close to neutral) and are far from the sound of the HD650.

Looking at your bass preferences I can assume you don't listen to too much hip hop or electronic bass. If you want a headphone that handles female vocals without washing out the fine details the AD is hard to beat. Lots of headphones that are geared to "female vocals or jazz" tend to have a midbass hump or a relaxed treble response. In a review I read I think by headfonia, the AD has more linear midrange than the ATH-W3000ANV which is one of the most expensive closed cans out there, also it is more neutral.

I listen to Ellie Goulding, Mariah Carey, Diana Ross, and sometimes Lady Gaga. Haha my female vocalist repertoire isn't the strongest but Ellie Gouldings voice really tests the capabilities of the best headphones. I'd even include Steve Perry from Journey as a suitable test for female vocals because of his extreme vocal range.(he is not female) The Alpha Dog hands down beats the DT880 on tonality especially for female vocals(and Journey). There is less "sss" more subtle details and studio ambience. The Dt880 sounds more distant in vocals but hardly sounds incorrect at all. It is just less forgiving on recording sibilance and lacks the transient speed or dampening of superior enclosure like the 3D printed cups that the T50RP drivers sit in.
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I have the DT880 32 Ohm version, and I absolutely love it! I recently bought the schiit audio vali for my headphones because the headphones have such high sensitivity I get static in the background but I soon plan to fix this with a switch to the 600ohm version.

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