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Or even the Little Dot DAC_I, it would stack nicely with your MK V.

I had pondered one for my MK IV a while back but never looked into it further since the E17/E09K combo I have suffices for now.
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TD - I've often wondered the same (I thought about getting the DACII though). Haven't so far because the NFB-12 still does everything I want anyway.
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Yes indeed Brooko, if I didn't have the FiiO stuff and was looking for a DAC/Amp combo from scratch, Audio-gd would be the first place I'd consider. The product looks to be solid and well built, one never knows I might still end up with a NFB 15 (2014) edition one of these days...
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Funny thing is that I see a lot of comments about flagships (T1, HD800 etc) needing to be on more expensive, more resolving gear.  Admittedly I've only just got the T1 - but it's wonderful on the NFB-12 and LD MKIV IMHO.  Currently saving for the HD800 - but I'm guessing that even when I get those, I still won't be changing my current source and amps.

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 I was going to get the Audio-gd NFB 15 2014 but i end up with the TEAC-UD-H01 so far it sounds nice with my setup LD MK III(Power tubes RCA 6SN7 Driver tube Chatham 6AS7G) and DT880 600.:biggrin:

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I'am wondering how would the TEAC- UD- H01+CRACK+DT880 600 ohms will sound i'am excited for these setup.Anyone here paired the DT880 with the CRACK?

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Originally Posted by Argyris View Post

Well...do you like the way your DT880 sounds? That, more than anything else, is the most important thing to consider with any audio device. The DT880 is often considered to be an excellent value, but it also has a sound signature (bright-leaning neutral) that some people love but others just can't get on with, so it's not going to be a universally good or bad choice. If you're asking if it's worth putting upgrades into, I'll admit that I'm a known skeptic of a lot of the benefits touted by cable/amp/DAC upgrades, so you can take what I'll say with a grain of salt, but I would say that nothing source- or cable-related is going to fundamentally alter the way the DT880 sounds. If you really like the DT880 and want to get that last little bit of performance out of it (real or perceived), then go for it. It's certainly not going to sound worse with higher end equipment behind it. But if you're hoping for a drastic transformation, you might want to look for something that comes closer to your sonic preferences even before you start upgrading the rest of the audio chain.

Yup, at first thanks for ur advice. My fav genre is blue, rock n roll, country, vocals and sometimes chillout and newage. I have had earsonic sm64 which performs almost so well, at least bass extension. Anw, its just IEM, so i wanna look for an other fullsize to pair with dac/amp, the music character that im used to hear is quite dark, treble extension is also what i want but im not treblehead anymore. So if dt880 can bring me a neutral/well balanced sound then its what im lookking for ^_^
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Fot Little DOT MK V with DT 880 PRO 250 ohms would be better E-MU 0204 USB 2.0 or Fiio E07K/E17 as DAC ?

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Or maybe Little DOT MK V as an AMP, DT 880 PRO 250 ohm as cans and :


1) Little DOT DAC_I - Little Dot DAC_I Review and Comparo
2) ZERO DAC - Review: ZERO 24 BIT/192KHz DAC/Headphone Amp/Pre-Amp 
3) FiiO E17/E18


Witch one is  the best ?

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Hi All,


Recently picked up a pair of DT880 600 ohm and looking to pair it with an O2/ODAC combo as a first setup. I typically read 1x coupled with 3x or 3.5x as the preferred setup. Could I ask what you would suggest I pick as the best gain settings (or what you use yourselves)?


As I'm from the UK, I will most likely get the one from Epiphany, but their settings are listed as 1x/5x compared to JDS Labs suggestion of 1x/3.5x if you're using the ODAC through their new customizable offering. Epiphany said in two email responses:


We only used 1x and 2.5x briefly quite some time ago and we use 1x and 5x based on the extensive feedback we have received - it seems that 1x and 5x works best with the widest range of earphones and headphones. 1x is suitable for most earphones & sensitive headphones and the 5x covers pretty much everything else available.


We can build orders with custom gain settings, although it will add a day or two to the lead time. We typically don't advise changing from the standard 1x and 5x because as I say, it is simply the best option.


 The DT880 600 Ohms are very popular with our customers and none have found 1x and 5x to be unsuitable but I'd be happy to order in parts for 3.5x gain if you would like. I would suggest 3.5x as a minimum for high gain because otherwise the gain settings are too close to offer decent flexibility.


I now don't know what is correct. Any advice/feedback gratefully accepted.



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I know this has probably been mentioned earlier. But has anyone compared the beloved DT880's to planars? Any preference?

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Originally Posted by dharan View Post

I know this has probably been mentioned earlier. But has anyone compared the beloved DT880's to planars? Any preference?

A few pages back the DT880 was put up against Alpha Dogs, and i think LCD-2's also. There was also a comparison between them and the SR-009 and HD800. Use the search function and you'll find it. 

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Originally Posted by dharan View Post

I know this has probably been mentioned earlier. But has anyone compared the beloved DT880's to planars? Any preference?
dont try to find out the difference between them, i think u first have to know which sound u like and then make a good deal. Comparision sometimes make u forget what u need to do.
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It's a little quiet here.:blink:

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Well I have some T50RP's to modify!

I haven't played with any Plasticine in dogs years... biggrin.gif
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